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  1. beautiful! i was really close, i had those parts in a different way, and it crashed! thanks for clearing it out for me! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  2. if you found a way, id be thankful you shared! cuz im looking for something like this as well! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  3. hehe seen every single one of them as i said in the OP! the tutorial one explained very little! i did try using his method and went a little further, but it doesnt load properly on the player, even though it does as an item with special render in the hand! thanks anyways! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  4. Can you see it in there? http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Event_Reference But im pretty sure theres another way to do it! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  5. Im a bit confused by your comment... Can you explain a little more? -sorash67 || Skorpio
  6. I know this has been asked many times before, because i've looked at every single topic relating to this! However after trying many things, i failed to get it working! I would provide any code if i had anything relevant that could lead to something, but i really dont think i got far! I've looked at the source for MachineMuse's mod, but its too complicated and i couldnt take much from it! i've also seen LexManos' comment on "getArmorModel()" in Item.class but messed around with that and nothing! Just to make sure it even works, i assigned the model and render classes to an item and it works fine! however when equipped as armor, it manages to not work! Any suggestions would be absolutely appreciated! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  7. I wouldnt be telling you to put yoir textures somewhere wrong! ;P Try what i said and tell me how it goes! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  8. to be honest, your code seems to look like it's from 1.5.2! what i suggest is try copying the 1.6 files for the furnace and tweak them and see how that goes! also one more thing! in your main mod class, make sure your instance goes with your mod id! so like this: @Instance(machines) //machines is the modID -sorash67 || Skorpio
  9. im not entirely sure what you did with the code but this is what i use: public void registerIcons(IconRegister par1IconRegister) { this.itemIcon = par1IconRegister.registerIcon("mymod:myItem|Block"); } and as for where the textures go, no they don't go in a "bin" folder anymore! you put them in "mcp\src\minecraft\assets\yourmod(with NO CAPITALS)\items|blocks\.png files" -sorash67 || Skorpio
  10. there's HUNDREDS of threads explaining the change for textures for 1.6! please look and search before posting a thread! i'm sure you'll find a lot of good stuff! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  11. ok that's a lot better! easier to read -sorash67 || Skorpio
  12. sorry for this, but can you please post the updated code? -sorash67 || Skorpio
  13. wow... let me take another look then! are you getting any errors? -sorash67 || Skorpio
  14. hmm... in your block class, this might work: public boolean onBlockActivated(World par1World, int par2, int par3, int par4, EntityPlayer par5EntityPlayer, int par6, float par7, float par8, float par9) { if (par1World.isRemote) { return true; } else { TileEntityYourFurnace tileentityfurnace = (TileEntityYourFurnace)par1World.getBlockTileEntity(par2, par3, par4); if (tileentityfurnace != null) { par5EntityPlayer.openGui(YourMod.instance, 0, par1World, par2, par3, par4); } return true; } } -sorash67 || Skorpio
  15. try looking here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1412300-147forgeblaueseichoerns-gui-tutorial/ im sure you can figure out how to change it so it works for 1.6! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  16. i believe the problems with your gui handler! try doing this instead of what you have: hope this helped! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  17. there's 3 different items that are declared as horse armor: Item.field_111215_ce (iron) Item.field_111216_cf (gold) Item.field_111213_cg (diamond) now the problem is, the way the horse figures out what items are counted as horse armor is in the actual entity class: public int func_110260_d(ItemStack par1ItemStack) { return par1ItemStack == null ? 0 : (par1ItemStack.itemID == Item.field_111215_ce.itemID ? 1 : (par1ItemStack.itemID == Item.field_111216_cf.itemID ? 2 : (par1ItemStack.itemID == Item.field_111213_cg.itemID ? 3 : 0))); } so that leaves us with only 2 ways of adding custom horse armor: 1) screw it and just make a coremod and edit base class files, or 2) make a new entity that copies horses, but changes what items are its armor, and disable vanilla horses, that way no base class edits are done, however, it could still cause problems! it's up to you what you do! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  18. Calling, declaring, whatever the hell you wanna frikin call it. If you say dont call it for server, tell me wherr im friking "calling" it. -sorash67 || Skorpio
  19. Where the hell am i declaring on the server side mr knowitall? -.- -sorash67 || Skorpio
  20. Great help by just repeating what you said. Gee thanks mate. -sorash67 || Skorpio
  21. So which part should i make client-side only? The part in entity class? -sorash67 || Skorpio
  22. feels weird to bump an old topic, but im having the error of "Attempted to load class net/minecraft/client/multiplayer/WorldClient for invalid side SERVER" and "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.minecraft.client.multiplayer.WorldClient" when i put the effect on one of my entities! and no i didn't declare it like he did! this is my main particle class: and this is how i put it in my entity class: any ideas what i could do to make it not crash the server? -sorash67 || Skorpio
  23. SOLVED. -sorash67 || Skorpio
  24. hehe on it! -sorash67 || Skorpio
  25. alrigth i can now successfully send an receive packets! now what? -sorash67 || Skorpio
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