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  1. Neat. You should mention the minecraft version this tutorial is for, though.
  2. Just make sure "unlocalizedName" remains the same. It's the single unique identifier that will be used. Also check your logfiles for "THIS BLOCK/ITEM WILL BE LOST IN 1.7" errors and add GameRegistry registering calls where necessary
  3. I've written a guide http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1722368- Someone put it in the wiki tutorial list, maybe. I tried and failed.
  4. 1) Block? No. Tile Entity? Yes. 2) onBlockActivated passes the Block side as argument
  5. With forge (in theory) eliminating all interclass-incompatibilities there is another very major problem the bigger mods face: Block IDs. If you install all major mods, you will most certainly experience some overlap, and already some mods (like Redpower) automatically (and unilaterally) remap their blockIDs. Now what if Forge did the mapping - instead of each mod registering it's own BlockIDs globally, they register their needed BlockIDs with Forge (starting with 0, per-mod blabla). Forge then serves as provider for whatever BlockID is needed, and more importantly, what BlockID stands for what Block. What's the use? If a client connects to a server, he gets a one-time transmission of what BlockIDs are mapped to what Block, thus forever eliminating the need to keep server (in some case even world) specific blockID configs. Since BlockID's are the same per-mod, you wouldnt even need to transmit ALL Blocks, just the BlockID at which mod x's range starts. Here's a simple example: Both client and server have 2 mods, derpcraft and herpcraft. derpcraft used to occupy Block IDs {100,101,102}, herpcraft occupied {101,102,103}. There was a lot of problems with that, saves got corrupted etc etc New process: derpcraft and herpcraft both register mod-specific Blocks of IDs {1,2,3}. Forge serverside starts distributing Blocks at 100, and maps 100-102 to derpcraft and 103-105 to herpcraft. If a client now connects, he gets a packet telling him: derpcraft: 100; herpcraft: 103. His client then maps 100-102 to derpcraft and 103-105 to herpcraft. EDIT: Sort of an automatic save converter would be needed aswell. When mods change and for example derpcraft suddenly demands 5 Blocks, forge could rework the world-savefile and move herpcraft's BlockIDs 2 up. And for this, some kind of structure in the savefile keeping track of what the mod-BlockIDs were last mapped to. This is just a proposal though. If you'd rather wait for the 4k BlockIds to actually happen, then yell at mod makers to keep their shit apart .. i can work with that.
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