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  1. whats the current height at? 192? i think thats as far as i can fly with a jetpack currently =s
  2. if they would truly require tile entities to store it, this part alone makes it impossible (minecraft already takes up insane amounts of space without increasing the bytes per block anymore).
  3. just uninstall modloader, all the good mods use forge.
  4. all of the recipes are just stored in an array. just grab the array and cycle through it searching each finished product id for the right one. then just add a new recipe to the array. make sure you remove all recipes first before adding any.
  5. I know how that works! well hes not called the 'Forge Code God' or 'Noob Slayer' for no reason lol
  6. btw, i only started this a couple days ago, so its very early stages of development. VERY. rendering works though, and i have just finished fixing/creating a way to save and load chunks (turned out to be a bitch because i screwed it up a bit the first time, holy moley can debugging be a pain =.=).
  7. hey guys, i have started developing a game that will use mechanics similar to minecraft (internal wise eg. blocks and chunks) but will be used as a learning material for multiple things such as rendering graphics with buffer strategies through to pathfinding algorithms (A* variants specifically or maybe others depending on which i want to do). I will be working on this project with a friend of mine privately (when he finally finishes thenewboston java tutorials), but anybody can grab the code from https://github.com/CutterCraft/TheKingdoms if you want to play with it or look at how things are progressing im not entirely sure how to work github yet, but if some more experienced modders happen to come across awesome ways of doing things that i wasnt able to think of, ill let you guys in on the project, maybe =D NOTE: this game is a top-down 2d game. i might implement 3d graphics eventually, but they are far far down on my list of things i want to do. also, any suggestions on how to improve on stuff would be great! currently recommended that you use netbeans to run, as i do not know/care to run it on any other IDE's. simply just open the project inside you github folder, with netbeans and run. (13/08/12) Things To Do: entities that can run around (will be loading chunks based on things that require changes over time eg. entities moving or crops growing) implement pathfinding (2d pathfinding already works, but im using a different map system and a 3d environment so needs a lot of changing) finish scaling and add mouse wheel scaling (or perhaps lock it to the +/- keys instead). this will increase the size of chunks being shown to the player or decrease them to show more chunks. clean up code and add comments to make it much easier to understand contact me on skype @ cptcutter.sc2 if you have any questions, but leave a message to say who you are or i wont accept!
  8. Cutter

    Learning Java

    just use netbeans if thats the case -.- if you guys are wanting to learn with thenewboston, take each episode slowly and experiment with the ideas he gives you.
  9. yah, that code throws an error/does not work. can you guess why?
  10. wait, your achievements are stored between games? forget about changing .jar files, my achievements dont carry on between saves of the same game!
  11. haha, you guys make me chuckle. of course its not going to work. there are NO forge releases for 1.3.1 yet. what your doing is installing a release of forge for 1.2.5 into a 1.3.1 jar. you guys will have to wait for forge to release for 1.3.1, or just stay on minecraft version 1.2.5
  12. I looked through the mod_ file and the Item files and I can't really find anything similar to what hotrods is talking about. Anyways, I figured out a lot of mods have this problem, and is caused by Optifine. I uninstalled Optifine (replacing and deleting files in my minecraft.jar took forever <_<) which seemed to fix it. So I'll probably just end up letting everyone know that if they wanna use this mod, they either can't have Optifine installed, or have to deal with the missing textures. Without Optifine: With Optifine: maybe im blind, but i cannot spot the difference between those two images =S
  13. as a general rule of thumb for programming like this, is it not acceptable to just use just one catch(Exception e) for the try-catch methods? i thought Exception caught all Errors?
  14. i dont know about you guys, but when is capitalising the first letter of methods ever done in programming? i thought it was more of an organisational rule similar to using indenting which is one of the very first things you learn when learning any programming language?
  15. another copy-paster no programming knowledge modder i see. iv been here around a week, and im now starting to get irritated by the insane amount of these people. i have no clue how the mods can deal with it 0.o
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