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  1. Okay, just restarted Eclipse. Will see if that fixed it. Edit: Alright, it works! Thanks for the help, Daemon! Now to port my mod (which itself was a port of an old 1.4.5 mod) from 1.7.10 to 1.12.2, and then to 1.14.4. This will be a monumental process, but since it's a rather small holiday-themed mod, it shouldn't be too hard. A couple tools, a couple armor sets, some food and a couple crops. I'm actually going to OreDict the salt and pepper in my mod to use similar OreDict entries to the ones used by Pam's. So that players using Pam's can use their salt and pepper to make
  2. It seems I'm having a similar problem to spazzmods, and I've double and triple-checked my environment variables to make sure JAVA_HOME is set to a jdk path rather than a JRE path. No idea why it still says it's set to the JRE. Edit: DaemonUmbra got me the solution, just had to restart Eclipse.
  3. Yo, Daeruin, saw how you did that PrimalAxe item, I wanted to do something similar with an axe item I'm adding to my mod based on The Forest (that game where you survive against cannibals to find your character's son)

    1. Daeruin


      Cool, what are you asking for exactly? Also, I'm curious where you saw the PrimalAxe item. My repo is private. Did I share something here on the forum?

  4. I set a value for it, and it returns a crash stating that I was setting a registry name with an existing registry name. How would I go about setting the registry name correctly to avoid any errors? Would it be in the item class itself?
  5. Here's my WinterItems.java: package gruntpie224.wintercraft.init; import java.util.ArrayList; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.helper.WCSounds; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.items.ArmorAntlers; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.items.ArmorIceSkates; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.items.ArmorSanta; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.items.ItemBasic; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.items.ItemBasicSword; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.items.ItemCandle; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.items.ItemCandyCaneAxe; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.items.ItemCandyCaneSword; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.items.
  6. Thank you, I'll make those fixes and report back. I'm helping gruntpie224 with the 1.12.2 update of Wintercraft. Edit: I just noticed after doing what you said that it started yelling at me about my items not having registry names. I fixed that and the crash changed to this: https://pastebin.com/qK6dKVdn
  7. Much like the poster here: I am having trouble registering blocks, as I've hit a wall with this NPE:Can't use a null-name for the registry, object Block{null}. However, unlike him, I have done debugging and found nothing with Block{null}. Full crash report: https://pastebin.com/juwDijLt My code: package gruntpie224.wintercraft.init; import java.util.ArrayList; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.WintercraftReference; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.blocks.BlockBasic; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.blocks.BlockCandle; import gruntpie224.wintercraft.blocks.BlockCan
  8. I'm not the one who made the issue, I'm only the messenger relaying it. I'll talk to Mumfrey about it.
  9. I've been having this crash ever since updating to Forge It prevents me from even loading an instance with the two installed. Can this be fixed, please? I'd like to use VoxelMap. https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/issues/5130
  10. I remember an old 1.6.4 mod called ChristmasCraft, made by newthead and once updated to 1.7.10 by Zuxelas. The stocking block included in the mod changes to have a present in it when the player sleeps, and the present could be retrieved by a right-click. How can I transfer this code into a 1.12.2 version? Here's the code used in the mod's 1.7.10 version: @SubscribeEvent public void onWorldTick(WorldTickEvent event) { if (event.phase == Phase.START) { if (!ChristmasCraft.isChristmasTime()) { return; } boolean isChristmasDay = ChristmasCraft.isC
  11. I would like to make armor that when worn and the player presses a hotkey, the armor and the player become invisible. This ability can be toggled off by pressing the hotkey once more.
  12. Trying with no mods right now. Will also try both with and without Liteloader, to see if there are conflicts there, though I highly doubt it. Edit: Seems there are no problems to report. Must be one heck of a low-level mod conflict with the latest Forge. Will report this to Ordinastie, the current dev of Malisis Doors.
  13. I have tried the latest Forge for 1.11.2, but it seems it breaks fence gate rendering, as the texture either shows as bits and pieces, or as another texture entirely, regardless of resource pack. I do not believe this is a Malisis Doors bug, as previous Forge versions work just fine with it, and all blocks render correctly.
  14. DarthXenon has been updating the mod. I talked to him and he said it was a headscratcher. I assume that means even he is having trouble figuring out why the pathfinding isn't working.
  15. I'm having trouble with mobs in this Invasion Mod not attacking the nexus like they should. Tried on all kinds of maps, even on Superflat. Seems like the invasion mobs aren't detecting the nexus like they should. Download link for 1.2.4 of this mod for 1.10.2 is http://www.mediafire.com/file/blws1o1teyp8b1f/Invasion_Mod_[1.2.4-mc1.10.2].zip.
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