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  1. My Init Method is called in my main class, along with all of my other deferred registers. My issue isn't so much that I'm unable to spawn the slime (Im not able too) but that the game CTDs after about 20 seconds of creating a new world, and instantly upon trying to enter it again. I will try the entity renderer method tomorrow, and could you describe the methods of attaching the subscribing events? I've been working on this pretty much on my own, with very little guidance other than source code. So it would be very helpful
  2. I have created a custom entity called Chocolate Slime, The bug has occurred since I created it, and stops when I remove it, however I see no reason for the crash, but the crash log says a lot of things that I'm unsure of how it connects. Crash Log: ChocolateSlime.class: Registration of Class: Main Rendering & Attribute Creation: ChocolateSlimeRenderer.class:
  3. That worked, I didn't know there was a Keys option. Game no longer crashes
  4. All that I have added to the CoalTools class was ModSerializers.init() from the deferred registry from ModSerializers
  5. It crashes when it tries to register as well?
  6. I have created a GlobalLootSerializer And a GlobalLootProvider (unsure of what to put in start other than add()) and I have registered my Serializer so its set up and ready But I am unsure as to how to actually go about adding in my custom drop when the tool is in hand. Or if there is an easier way to go about this addition within each ItemClass
  7. Nvm Shrink actually removed it, but how do I get the item that I added to automatically place into the EquipmentSlot of my choice?
  8. player.getEquipmentSlot() I retried stack.shrink(1), and it moved my item out of the equipment slot but didn't delete it so progress? maybe?
  9. I have tried stack.is(myItem(THE item I was replacing the OG with)), player.getItemBySlot(EquipmentSlot.HEAD).is(myItem(also to replace)) (this crashed the game), stack.is(myOGItem).shrink(1) (this also crashed the game), stack.hurtAndBreak(), couldn't figure out the consumer as I've only used them for my DataGens. And Nothing else I could think of that would openly remove an item from the players inventory, I've also tried setting the item as Items.AIR but that did nothing.
  10. I have created an ItemClass that uses OnArmorTick and am trying to do something similiar to this Which removes the Entity on the ground, and replaces it with the Item of my choice, however I want to do the same thing with the stack in the equipment slot that it is in I want to be able to remove the previous item (from 50% damage and lower) and while on fire, with my Fire Version of the item. Both sets of code I have in there work, I simply cannot find a way to remove the stack from their inventory.
  11. Its fixed, I created an Entity.removalReason for the Item and it removes the item before popping out the one Item asked for. The code up there is the current and working version of it. I may go through later and add && level.isClientSide() just for precautions
  12. I figured that out when I was working on my ArmorCustomItems, onEntityItemUpdate works fine for it, But now It pops 3 out at once when I drop them in some fire. I've gotten it fixed now, this will set the remove the item and spawn the other item that I'm trying to get. I basically discarded the CustomItemEntity because nothing I did with it would work. Once I found the ArmorTick I thought there might be an Entity modifier for it.
  13. Whenever I do try and register it, it won't let me This throws an error of "no instance(s) of type variable(s) exist so that EntityType<Entity> conforms to EntityType<CoalSwordEntity> inference variable I has incompatible bounds: equality constraints: EntityType<CoalSwordEntity> lower bounds: EntityType<Entity>
  14. I'm unsure how to actually register it since I can't actually register the ItemEntity as an Entity since that won't accept ItemEntities.
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