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  1. Yes, I do! Thanks! ok what do you want try to be as descriptive as possible. and hows my new avatar Avatar = Intriguing. It's pretty good! I'd like something showing the various features of my mod, kind of like the background for the Redpower world banner (it has a MC screenshot cropped and scaled down). I also want it to have my name on it (I'm so egotistical, I know. ). You'll get plenty of credit! Thanks! Redpower world banner ? can I get a link where this is shown; and what version of mine craft is your mod up to date to so I can back download and check it out. Also, do you want a avatar and a banner or just the banner.
  2. Yes, I do! Thanks! ok what do you want try to be as descriptive as possible. and hows my new avatar
  3. Edit 3 add a white fog/glow behind the typing it improved a bit but if you want better quality it would require a few hours of mind tweaks to keep the background from fading away. If you want me to do this just ask but even then I well only improve it by maybe 7%. Also, I should have you avatar done in 5mins. If this is ok as is I well clean it up and get you a .png and .xcf file for you as well as your avatar as a .gif .
  4. I use gimp. I well add a .png download so you can mess with it all you like let me fix the typing for you and Ill re link it for effect, also ya i can make a transparent render of your avatar if you wish too.
  5. Dries007 here is Edit Two of your Sig/banner; like always I posted it in a spoiler. I gave it a clockwork feel to link it to a computer and time to show kind of what your mods do. I also lightened it up and gave a warm fell by using gold I also, made it transparent at about 70% and add a darkish background to give it contrast while making the gold and typing pop. I used you 9large font like suggested. Like always tell me if you want another edit I want it to look they way you want it. P.S. I can touch up your avatar too; to give it a more personal feel if you want. Also when we do get done give atrain an appulade for telling me you needed something he is always under appreciated on the forums .
  6. I do just about anything send him my way
  7. Hangcow's Texture Kiosk This is where I well be working on my texture packs, signature, mod textures, etc. I do take request there well be a place listing requests and current projects. I well Inform everyone if I become busy and won't be able to take requests. Things I can do GUI's Textures Characters Textures Model Textures Signatures Banners Avatars Etc Request Bored Currently taking Requests with a bit of delays; currently having less time to work on everything Current Work Supported Mods Banners/Signatures/Avatars Templates Disclaimer
  8. The New mine craft update at new blocks sadly that means they f###ed with the terrain.png. well sorry for my ranting this post does have a purposes. One, I was working on Hawk's machine textures so I haven't gotten a lot done. Secondly, the new terrain.png messes with a lot of stuff so that put the work a have done on this pack behind by 2 weeks. Lastly, I am Moving this thread to its proper place I apparently have be posting it in the wrong place and no one informed me for shame : ). It well be located under Minecraft General/ texture packs for future reference. Also, if a moderator reads this can you lock this thread so no one can post here; I hate to miss something because I won't read this thread again Never mind i can lock it my self that's cool.
  9. hay zero when you get time I want to bounce a few ideals off you. I am have trouble make a 32bit texture for a jungle tree. So, if you get time anytime soon i would appreciate your opinion.
  10. Forge Modding Support may or may not be a great idea as a new board. In terms of how people will see it on the site, it'll be a place seen explicitly for asking about problems one might be having with the code. It's not difficult to see why people believe the current "Support" selection is only for installation errors, and why they instead ask the general discussion board instead. With the internet, you can't leave much to speculation. Someone is bound to speculate incorrectly, and others will follow in their example before they're corrected, as it may be the first they've seen on it. But I think the real problem of having it as its own board would be that far too many people will expect you to hold their hand through the coding process and expect everyone to bend over backwards to show them how to do something correctly. Uhh... I think. Don't mind me if I'm just blabbing. I think that is the point of this thread that people need help and assume that support isn't for that which if I am right is the place for it at the moment. New people like me and active users that have never asked for help wouldn't know to use support so they use general discussion. That not bad and no one is complaining, it just not strait forward enough. I my honest opinion making a new bored would be helpful and as far as I can see it would get used quite a bit. As far as people wanting you to write there code for them goes; there is always going to be people like that. People so far have be polite and showed them to proper forums to learn jave / forge/ fml etc. or offered them a creative way to solve the problem without handing them code.
  11. I noticed this we just use general discussion but I think we need a section for modder Support
  12. OK, I spent about 4 hours today making this new lightly colored tree texture. It needs about another 1 or 2 hours of work. So, I wanted to see if I was heading in the right direction or if its a flop. Like always I provided the pictures below in a Spoiler.
  13. if you need help modding a texture talk to me or zero we can run you through it
  14. Glass trap doors Inlet with iron super strong or keep the glass and you fall through and the creeper goes puff and no more worries.
  15. imao windows are cool but I never really saw the point its a door; but if you wish to make fun of creepers stuck in traps I well add glass trap doors to the decorative mode pack I am Making.
  16. I did't get anywhere today got stuck on glow stone . I don't like how it looks but it so hard to find something suitable for it that's not a kick away from the old 16 bit textures. So, for you entertainment I post a few i did yesterday in a spoiler below; when I get done with glow stone I would really like everyone opinions. Like always I would love to have suggestions for needed decorative items; and I also make textures for mods as well as signatures and profile pictures.
  17. Darkguardsman asked me to start modding again; I use to mod using mod loader mp so forge is new to me. So, I am easing back into it by creating this Texture pack and starting on a decorative pack. I sen a few hours here and there and finished the remap of about 1/3 of the textures. I dropped some pictures of my Remaps so far in a spoiler below. I would love any input you all have especially on new decorative items for mine craft. Items Suggested Candles Advanced Lighting Stain Glass New Trap Doors
  18. I am going to rework every texture in mine craft basic blocks only no mods so got any cool ideals flip them my way. This is for my sever that is hosted by fragnet but if anyone wants it i make it available.
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