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  1. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful advice! Because of your help my ideas got off the ground... and now I have to keep them there!
  2. I'm to that point, I just want to know how to make the more complex stuff go. (Poked around the source code for the past hour or so, figured out some basic (BASIC) stuff)
  3. Add some debug, see if your code is actually getting called. (A System.out.println(...) statement) Also, I looked at your code and it may be spawning the item inside the block (at the exact coords of the block). You can also skip the ItemStack itemStack =... statement and put it in the if(...). (Won't change the functionality, but it'll be cleaner.
  4. That also works, didn't know that method was there.
  5. Well, try to find a way to shortcut the damage reduction! I would not suggest damaging the entity directly, but scaling up your damage done by the item to effectively ignore the armor value... (WARNING: Requires basic algebra)
  6. Create a new EntityItem and set its ItemStack...Spawn it into the world (IDK how to do this, check out World or EntityItem)... Hook that code to your onBlockActivated event... Done!
  7. My mind is totally blown at how much Lex, cpw, and co. have done with Forge since August. I'm totally at a loss at where I need to start with my plans for something I think will be really cool, but I've boiled it down to things I really need to know: 1. New @ tags, how they work, and how to make the best use of them 2. Packets: How best to use them, how to identify what needs syncing from server/client, how not to crash everything with a zillion packets 3. Rendering: Dynamic blocks, TESR's, etc 4. Making blocks talk to each other 5. Working with NBT for items and stuff That's what I need to know, and if you deem it below you to answer me, just tell me where I can find it, that's all.
  8. So, how much do I have to relearn from say... Minecraft 1.5? I've been writing down some ideas and such for something that I think is cool, and I'm excited to try all the new things that Forge made easy! One other thing, is there somewhere/somebody that could teach me about what I remember as TESR's and block rendering and things?
  9. A forge hook is a piece of code in forge that allows you to do things, like efficiency shovels working on your block. If you look in the file you would have to modify to make a function work, the forge hooks are at the bottom of the file, under a comment line that says "BEGIN FORGE PATCHES". The also may be a way to register your block through the MinecraftForge files themselves.
  10. Or just draw semi-transparent overlays that you can combine with the actual textures... Whatever suits you the best.
  11. Please use [spoiler][/spoiler] tags when posting GIANT error logs. It helps those of us who read the non-error log part of the post immensely. I think you should try updating your forge before you do anything, as it seems MC is using deprecated methods... And if it works in eclipse, it should work fine after you run recompile.bat and then reobfuscate.bat.
  12. If you can add a listener to when the player is saved, you can use reflection to extract the NBT tag, and add to it. Same for loading the player. Or, if the field is not a new thing on the player, just use reflection to set it if it is private, or just set it if it has a setter or is public.
  13. This is very nice... Now, how to destroy everybody's phone with a minecraft mod...
  14. Or if it's a silly API, figure out where it's supposed to go by looking at the folder tree inside of the api zip/jar/tar/bz2 file.
  15. Do I have to port-forward on my router to get this to work, or does Forge go around the router, and port-forward itself?
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