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  1. Hello, I think this is probably just me being stupid but I cannot find out how to do this. I have sound working in my mod however, when the volume is changed it doesn't effect the volume of my mods sound. I used the tutorial found here: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Sounds_For_Forge_1.3.2 which makes it work perfect just without volume change. Edit: Never mind it does change the volume, it didn't before. The other thing is when I play the sound, I want it to stop when the block stops being active (or when its destroyed), I've checked how the furnace does it with its animation but it doesn't stop the sound and I can't find anything to show a way to stop the sound. The sound I use is quite long so maybe I need to get short sounds since it seems minecraft uses short sounds? Thanks for the help, Jammy780
  2. Thanks for replying, I've taken another look and I understand how they work, but I don't understand how I can put the texture on my block. As far as I can gather, they override the texture in the block index to make it animated, which I can do with mine but I don't understand how it attaches itself to the block since mine is a custom rendered block with an individual texture file.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm trying to add TextureFX to a custom rendered block and I don't know how! I understand how it does it for the watch but I just cannot understand how I can add it to a block. Ok, well this is the block I want to add the texture too: http://i.imgur.com/Enz5f.png I'm trying to make it similar to the watch, I just don't understand how I can make the animated texture "attach" itself to the block, I think I've got to add it to the render file but I'm not sure how and where. If somebody could just point me in the right direction it would be so helpful! Please can somebody help me before I shout like a maniac! Thank you in advance
  4. Thank you so much, it was just that bit of info I needed. I understand how it works now and I now have a working double block!! I love you so much! You help but don't spoon feed which is soooo much better because it means we actually learn! Thanks again!
  5. It's the same block class its just placing two next to each other.
  6. Hello there! I've been trying to make a block that is two blocks along (like a door on its side) I have managed to create the block side by side, but the trouble I am having now is when I destroy it. I've managed to get it to destroy both parts but it also destroys the block behind it too. I have already checked the door block class and also the bed but I just cannot figure it out and its getting really annoying! If somebody could show me a tutorial or just point me in the right direction I would be very very great full! Thank you in advance, Jammy780
  7. Go to .minecraft and find the modloader.txt and forge logs and paste them here. Then somebody can help you.
  8. Do you mean so a user can load your mod, close Minecraft and change ID's of blocks/items that you allow them to? If this is what you mean then yes. If not then could you explain more please?
  9. I'm sure I did that already! it worked, thank you so much!
  10. This issue only happened in SMP. I would sit down but be in a position like in the image in the main post. It only happens after I updated from build 72. I'm not using the whole old version, I'm only using two files from build 72. I'm not actually supposed to render anything, it only happens when I sit down which is supposed to be an invisible entity for the player to sit down on.
  11. I'VE FIXED IT!! WOOHOOOOOOO! HOWEVER it does mean I have to use a modified version of Forge now . It seems to be the changes in this build: http://lexmanos.no-ip.org:8080/job/Forge/83/changes#detail0 I copied an older build of the code (build 72 and the two files were PacketEntitySpawn.java and PacketHandlerClient.java) all I had to do was fix a couple of problems (extend PacketHandlerBase, add unimplemented methods and change one bit of code (check below)) and it works like a charm now. Not sure why this problem happens, could a forge god explain why please? change: if (networkmod.toString().equals(entry.getValue())) { ForgeHooks.networkMods.put(entry.getKey(), networkmod); } to: if (networkmod.toString().equals(entry.getValue())) { ForgeHooks.networkMods.put((Integer) entry.getKey(), networkmod); }
  12. It's not a tile entity, just an entity like a boat or minecart but it doesn't move.
  13. Thank you for your help so far but I have no idea where I'd start to debug it, maybe I'm thinking about it wrong but nothing I seem to do changes the white column. It's really annoying Anymore ideas what might be causing it? I've tried adding a render file but it still shows up.
  14. So I need to make a blank render file? Like I would for a normal entity just don't include anything to actually render anything?
  15. This should help you. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1067901-how-to-make-a-minecraft-mod-tutorials-with-videos-14042012/page__fromsearch__1
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