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  1. I've changed the code a bit. http://pste.me/1LCqv/ According to the console output the light level on the server is correct, however the client always has value 15. It even prints out 15 when the client world is dark at that position. 2013-12-23 20:23:20 [information] [sTDOUT] Client: 15 2013-12-23 20:23:20 [information] [sTDOUT] Server: 7
  2. Hey, I was wondering if there is a way to force a light update on a certain block. I've tried forced block updates, forced render updates, changing the metadata of the block and even calling world.updateAllLightTypes without success. This is my code right now http://pste.me/IvXo8 Btw it does update the lighting when the block is activated a second time.
  3. Which patch tool should I use? BTW what do you think about it? I'd really like to hear your opinion about this!
  4. If you started Forge modding, why do you still use ModLoader?
  5. I did write a fix for the walkover particles. The textures are now metadata-based, and it supports color multipliers. Lex, it would be great if you added this to forge! (I hate base class modifying x.x) Classes modified: 6 Client: RenderGlobal: lines 1808 - 2019 EntityDiggingFX: lines 12 - 117 Common: IWorldAccess: line 30 WorldManager: line 24 World: lines 1367 - 1381 Entity: line 481 ask me for sources
  6. Sorry, my fault. I didn't check the param names x.x
  7. This bug is really simple to fix. Change this: NihiliumHelmet = new NihiliumItemArmor(4012, EnumArmorMaterial.NIHILIUM, 6, 0).setItemName("Nihilium Helmet").setIconIndex(27); into this: NihiliumHelmet = new NihiliumItemArmor(4012, EnumArmorMaterial.NIHILIUM, 3, 0).setItemName("Nihilium Helmet").setIconIndex(27); I don't kow why modders can't use their own armor render ID, but if you use the diamonds one (3), it works.
  8. Yeah it's possible and really easy. Look at your BaseGen Class (The one that implements the WorldGenerator Interface) public void generate(Random random, int chunkX, int chunkZ, World world, IChunkProvider c, IChunkProvider d) { switch (world.provider.worldType) { case -1: genNether(world, random, chunkX*16, chunkZ*16); case 0: genSurface(world, random, chunkX*16, chunkZ*16); case 1: genEnd(world, random, chunkX*16, chunkZ*16); //Add this line } } Now create a new method: private void genEnd(World world, Random random, int chunkXpos, int chunkZpos) { for (int gen = 0; gen < 4; gen++) { int b1 = chunkXpos + random.nextInt(16); int b2 = random.nextInt(25); int b3 = chunkZpos + random.nextInt(16); (new EndGenBlocks(EndMod.EndCrystal.blockID, 4)).generate(world, random, b1, b2, b3); } }
  9. I've found out why it failed. While running the setup as administrator, everything went fine, and I have the source code now. Thank your for your help anyway.
  10. I'm doing everything like it's described in the readme, and it worked with previous versions!
  11. It still doesn't work with a fresh minecraft.jar
  12. Hey everyone, I've got a problem. Every time I try to install Forge to MCP, I get tons of errors. I'm doing everthing like I did before with Forge, except pre-installing ModLoader(because of FML), but after the installation, the functions are still obfuscated(field_####), which causes errors while recompiling. I hope to get a solution soon. btw how do I get the error logs?
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