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    I am the dev of the mod MechaniCraft.

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  1. As the title states, I've added these lines to my build.gradle but I dont think I have the right repository/file names. Sorry if this is an over asked or stupid question but no amount of google searches are assisting me lol. maven { name = "Covers (COFH)" url = "https://maven.covers1624.net/" } dependencies { compileOnly fg.deobf("cofh:cofhcore-1.16.5:1.3.1:deobf") runtimeOnly fg.deobf("cofh:cofhcore-1.16.5:1.3.1") compileOnly fg.deobf("cofh:thermal_cultivation-1.16.5:1.3.0:deobf") runtimeOnly fg.deobf("cofh:thermal_cultivation-1.16.5:1.3.0") compileOnly fg.deobf("cofh:thermal_expansion-1.16.5:1.3.1:deobf") runtimeOnly fg.deobf("cofh:thermal_expansion-1.16.5:1.3.0") compileOnly fg.deobf("cofh:thermal_foundation-1.16.5:1.3.2:deobf") runtimeOnly fg.deobf("cofh:thermal_foundation-1.16.5:1.3.2") compileOnly fg.deobf("cofh:thermal_innovation-1.16.5:1.3.0:deobf") runtimeOnly fg.deobf("cofh:thermal_innovation-1.16.5:1.3.0") compileOnly fg.deobf("cofh:thermal_locomotion-1.16.5:1.3.0:deobf") runtimeOnly fg.deobf("cofh:thermal_locomotion-1.16.5:1.3.0") }
  2. I appreciate all the assistance! I finally got it working as intended.
  3. Im not saying fix it for me but could you give me a couple examples? I've tried a few things with adding shouldRefresh and I can't seem to get it working. Also I have tooled around with the broken cook time section and I can get it "SEMI" working by changing this: if(this.isBurning() && this.canSmelt() && cookTime > 0) { cookTime++; if(cookTime == totalCookTime) { if(handler.getStackInSlot(3).getCount() > 0) { handler.getStackInSlot(3).grow(1); } else { handler.insertItem(3, smelting, false); } smelting = ItemStack.EMPTY; cookTime = 0; return; } } to this: if(this.isBurning() && this.canSmelt() && cookTime > 0) { cookTime++; if(cookTime == totalCookTime) { if(handler.getStackInSlot(3).getCount() >= 0) { handler.getStackInSlot(3).grow(1); } else { handler.insertItem(3, smelting, false); } smelting = ItemStack.EMPTY; cookTime = 0; return; } } but it only works if I put the output Item in the output slot. If I do that though it works 100% correct so long as the output item stays there. I tried to add the breakBlock function in to drop the items but it whines about not having IInventory implemented in the tile entity and I'm not sure of another way to do it. public void breakBlock(World worldIn, BlockPos pos, IBlockState state) { TileEntityBasicMetallicInfuser tileentity = (TileEntityBasicMetallicInfuser)worldIn.getTileEntity(pos); InventoryHelper.dropInventoryItems(worldIn, pos, tileentity); super.breakBlock(worldIn, pos, state); }
  4. Ight I fixed it the formatting and also fixed the double posting. I had to right click and copy in Eclipse instead of control c to copy for some reason lol.
  5. Sorry, my computer did that to me yesterday too with the left aligned thing, I didn't realize it did it again. I was still half asleep, I will fix it now
  6. Okay so I have a custom furnace that smelts 2 items into 1 and I'm currently have a bit of an issue with it. The furnace is sometimes doubling the output when I only want it to output a single item. I always end up with 15 instead of 8. I believe the first one it makes is doing it right but then after that it outputs 2 instead of one. It also doesn't always work, sometimes when it is placed or after the items are taken out and the GUI closed and reopened it will no longer smelt items. Then most of the time if I pull the items it smelted out they just disappear out of the players inventory after you close the GUI. Then the last issue I'm having is when the block is broken the items won't drop on the ground, they just vanish into thin air. All of the source code for my furnace will be listed below(if i missed anything you need please let me know), if anybody could help me out that would be greatly appreciated and you will be mentioned in the credits of my finished mod once it's able to be released. BLOCK CLASS: RECIPE CLASS{the recipes in here are for testing purposes}: CONTAINER CLASS: GUI CLASS: TILE ENTITY:
  7. I'd like to start from scratch so can I have this post deleted? I didn't see an option to do it in the editor.
  8. I needed 1.7.2 so I could finish what I was working on and get a release out for it but as soon as I updated to 1.7.10 it started working.
  9. I'm using the latest recommended version for minecraft 1.7.2 and it doesn't matter what I have tried I can't get the client to start and always get this error.(before it I was getting an --accessToken error but I fixed it then this showed up).
  10. Oh and [FEATURE] 1.) This is probably counted in blocks but custom furnaces (EX:Ore grinders, powered machines). 2.) A type of power system api for powered machines so that they can run off of all current types of power(EX:RF, MJ, EU, etc.).
  11. It is nice to have a placeholder for it and to let people know about it though so even if it doesn't help right now we know that it will be released and will make it much easier for the inexperienced coders to make a mod. Not saying that I will use it but it is a cool idea.
  12. Well I had a build problem with forge 1.7.2 but the problem is finally fixed so hopefully this mod will be updated by the end of this month or next if I have the free time to work on it.
  13. mine says ':recompMinecraft' and I did check javac and it worked, I have no clue what is wrong please help
  14. Yes, it is just slow going. I have really been busy with school and what not. Sorry I haven't posted any updates in awhile but it should be on 1.7.2 very soon.
  15. There was an issue and the screenshots got removed from the dropbox I had them synced to so I will have to retake them and reupload them soon, please bear with me I'm working hard on coding with little to show for it.
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