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  1. Indeed that is the strange thing. Also, it wouldn't need two different versions of the same library would it. I'm thinking that message didn't come up the time he gave us the log. In face, due to the library version differences, I bet it was a different forge installer file, probably from an older version. Now would be the time to say "Make sure you download your installer jar from HERE" And make sure you use the right one.
  2. I imagine it probably worked anyway. Or maybe not but you should check. To be safe temporarily empty the mods folder in .minecraft. Then open your launcher. There should be the Forge profile and when you select it it should say Ready to play Minecraft Forge in the bottom right-hand corner or something similar to that. Hit play and if it doesn't crash, you're golden. Otherwise...
  3. if (!world.isRemote) { world.spawnEntityInWorld(new YourEntity(world)); } One way to spawn entities. You will of course have to change YourEntity and its parameters to what you need. If you need to spawn it a specific coords you can do that as well. if (!world.isRemote) { YourEntity entity = new YourEntity(world); entity.setLocationAndAngles(x, y, z, 0, 0.0F); world.spawnEntityInWorld(entity) } Note that EntityLightning can be a bit finicky. It has three extra parameters, all doubles. Can't say I remember what they mean.
  4. Now, I am not the best with NBT but I think I see a problem. Your are using the key Empty a bit oddly. Imagine this situation. 1. You place a cauldron down. It is empty. 2. writeToNBT gets called. Since the tank is empty, "Empty" gets set a value nbt.setString("Empty", ""); 3. You put water in, writeToNBT gets called again. 4. Quit the world and log back in. 5. readFromNBT runs. Here is the problem. On the first if statement it checks if the key "Empty" exists. It does! You set it earlier, it hasn't been removed in any way. Because it exists the rest of the code between the brackets is ignored. Fluid never gets set. NOTE: I could be COMPLETELY wrong. However this feels right to me. i recommend you change the Empty key completely. Maybe to some kind of boolean? Not too familiar with NBT so you'll have to figure it out. Good Luck
  5. What you are trying to do sounds very possible. However we are going to need some code to glance at to fully understand the situation. I'll be honest, I probably won't be a ton of help but the others will need code.
  6. I don't know if this is the correct place to ask questions but I can't create an account on the new forums So will threads from the old forums be merged with the new, or will they stay separate? I am under the impression they will stay separate due to the Forum Archives link (which, by the way, is broken). ?
  7. Ok I've tried this but I've got the same problem I had to start with. Here's my code now: I believe he is referring to the check in updateEntity() if (slotStone.stackSize <= 0) { slotStone = null; } Should be if (slotStone.stackSize <= 0) { slotStone = null; this.setInventorySlotContents(1, null); } looks right but I could be wrong. HOLD A MOMENT ok he was probably referring to decrStackSize. notice, you put this.setInventorySlotContents(i, itemStack); it should be this.setInventorySlotContents(i, null); that sound right to the code gods? even though he didn't mention updateEntity() i think you should probably do that anyway.
  8. In case anyone would want it, here is the MC Forums link. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/modification-development/2256945-unofficial-minecraft-coder-pack-mcp-prerelease Hope this is useful guys. Let me know via a message if any updates come up that I miss. Stickies are appreciated
  9. Hey guys, What is it? As I am sure you are aware, the backbone for Minecraft modding is MCP. Every time Mojang releases a new update the MCP team must build a new version of their project. Modders have to wait patiently for a new version to be released with all the users crying "When will you update???" To help modders and groups like Forge, Searge and the team release Pre-releases of MCP. However, they are released quietly with a simple post on Twitter and are difficult to find in the mess. In response I am creating this unofficial thread which contains links to Twitter posts announcing updates as well as the download links to the Pre-released versions. Note that these are official download links and not reuploads. Why? Why bother with pre-releases? They give you a chance to look at what has changed in the code and prepare you to update your mod. Keep it alive! To those who read this, keep this thread alive! I will update this as MCP is updated. If this thread becomes popular it will become a convenient way to find MCP updates. Maybe even the Forge developers will use this The MCP Pre-releases 1.8 (MCP 9.10 Pre-release 1)
  10. Hi guys, This actually isn't your fault. There have been some server troubles over the past few days. Try again the problem should be fixed.
  11. You must have accidentally clicked on an advertisement. Like diesieben07 said, there is no Download Manager for Forge. What you downloaded was malware; you need to take steps to remove it. Don't worry it isn't the end of the world, most of it is fairly harmless. Try downloading again from http://files.minecraftforge.net/ Instead of clicking on the word "Installer" click on the * next to it. This will ensure you actually download forge. Of course we prefer you use adfly because it brings in a little bit of $ for the project. However until you learn to safely navigate it just click on the *, it is a direct download.
  12. There has been a bit of server probs and what not. Just try again. It worked for me.
  13. We need more information than this. Give us everything.
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