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Found 7 results

  1. Can anyone please make a script for when you get hit by another entity (or player only), you jump? This can be toggled on/off via the CAPSLOCK key.
  2. Hi there its me. I used to be quite active on here back in the days of Minecraft 1.7.10. How far things have come. Minecraft modding was my way to learn Java.I literally knew 0 java but messing with Minecraft inspired me to learn. It was excellent and I am grateful to this forum for the endless help with all of my niche questions/issues. So in the spirit of maintaining the past, keeping it alive so to speak, I have come back on here to ask for legacy forge version support. I have recently come back to modding Minecraft 1.7.10, and yes it is still possible even in 2024 but it takes a lot to get the dev environment set up and all that, and am working on my massive mod that I never released. So I am hoping to engage the right people on here to rally for legacy forge version support for dev environment setup with gradle and to maintain it. Is it possible to get support for legacy versions, why or why not? I think it should be. The old minecraft has a lot to offer still. I know there used to be a lot of 1.7.10 mods that were fantastic back then and many were never updated to newer versions due to the insane workload it takes to keep up with their release schedule. But at least for me, its a ton of fun these days and I am a lot better at Java and OOP. Hoping to bring that to more people and see if its possible to at least maintain the dev environment side of the legacy forge versions into the future. @diesieben thoughts? I miss your snarky comments and condescending remarks from years ago. They made me a better programmer because I wanted to prove you wrong. Very grateful to you.
  3. It would be great to have more tags available on the forum, especially for subforums like the modder_support forum. What is a tag? It is added to a post using the little box under the title input when creating a new forum post. Multiple tags can be added to a forum post to classify the intent of the question. This post has a tag, it is pretty useless in this context, I just wanted it to be there as an example. This could include: Version Numbers Solved Topics, i.e. Tile Entity NBT Rendering BlockStates Items Worldgen and so on. The Idea here is to increase consistency between posts, especially on the "Modder Support" board. Currently there are a lot of people who add a version number to their post title and a small portion even marks their posts as solved. But that could be a lot better. If you have any objections or suggestions feel free to leave a comment on this post.
  4. So I've been looking through resource packs a lot recently and I've come across an idea. I think it would be really cool to allow people to make a resource pack that makes use of the OreDictionary - for example, you define a model for oreCopper and every block that is registered as oreCopper uses that model.
  5. There's currently no way to specify custom config GUI entries for properties created through the annotation-based config system without reflecting the Configuration instance from ConfigManager and calling Property#setConfigEntryClass manually. Could an annotation be added that allows a custom Property.Type or IConfigEntry class to be specified for the generated Property? On a related note, it's currently not possible to use GuiConfigEntries.BooleanEntry, GuiConfigEntries.CycleValueEntry or GuiConfigEntries.ChatColorEntry with Property#setConfigEntryClass because their constructors aren't public. Attempting to do so throws a NoSuchMethodException for the constructor when the config GUI is opened. It's also not possible to extend these and add a public constructor, since the constructors are private or package-private. Edit: Reported this on GitHub here.
  6. You know many mods use this event to draw custom things on screen - strings, images/textures, OGL objects... It can result in HUD having these things overlapped, because I don't see a way to detect position of drawn elements from the event. Would it be possible to make a system for providing info at what screen coordinates the element is drawn, so other mods can query them and adjust their elements accordingly to avoid overlapping? Like, make an interface with getXposition, getYposition, getWidth, getHeight, so a modder can implement it and put the implementation into a list which would be in the RenderGameOverLayEvent. This way we can query this list, get positions and size of all added elements and add our element considering their coordinates.
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