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  1. I am creating a ComputerCraft peripheral mod and I need to test it. I have added computercraft.jar to my referenced libraries, but now it throws an error every time I try to run MC. I have tried deobfuscating ComputerCraft and it still does not work. Please Help!
  2. I am trying to use the source of a mod in eclipse, but I can't figure out how to put the source into mcp/forge. I have a folder called com, but I know that it doesn't simply go in eclipse. Please Help
  3. How do I get the ic2 source code? and how do I use the oredictionary?
  4. I can't use any items from ic2 in my crafting recipes: GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(SimpleCircuit, 9), "TIT", "IRI", "TIT", 'T', Items.getItem("tinIngot"), 'I', Item.ingotIron, 'R', Block.blockRedstone); I get this error:
  5. THANK YOU! That makes much more sense!
  6. ok, I now have the ic2 api installed, but when I start minecraft from eclipse, ic2 is not there. How am I supposed to test crafting recipes without any of the ic2 items? Can someone give me step by step please? I'm new to forge and I haven't modded for about a year.
  7. I have the ic2 api, now how do I import it into eclipse?
  8. could I use the ore dictionary to do this? If so, how?
  9. Hello, I am creating a mod for my friend's modpack, which has mods like IC2, thermal expansion, and universal electricity. I do not want to create any new ores, so I want to use the items (like metals) from IC2 and others. Also, how do you make a NEI addon/plugin? Thanks, AssossaGPB
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