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  1. From my limited understanding, here is a breakdown: Mods Folder => Mods that don't modify base classes. minecraft.jar => Things that modify base classes. Core Mods => Things that modify base classes, but are written in such a way, that they can be dropped into this folder and not require the user to mess with minecraft.jar
  2. So go download the recommended build of Forge... A good place to look would be the Release forum... Just sayin, and all, read before you post.
  3. Raven118, I can't find where, but you should update your Forge version to the latest Recommended Build. I have a feeling that is the issue since the entity living FAQ on the Millénaire forum states to check to make sure you installed it properly. Also your shelf mod, and armor stand mod should be installed into the .jar per the install instructions of the mods in question. That should hopefully solve all your problems.
  4. So, I have been messing around with Vanilla 1.3.1 finally, just testing and seeing all the recent changes and I wanted to put out my thoughts, and also see what others thought about the new update. I like the idea of 1.3.1 working on a internal server, but I have been noticing the normal SMP issues that go along with it. I haven't noticed any lag fighting mobs, which really is nice, but world holes, I have encountered several times, and it is kinda annoying. I love that they added trading, but I doubt I will use it. I think it will be one of those features people use for a few days, and then stop. I normally build away from villages, so I can build a nice huge city myself. (Mods of course, with power station, water plant, the works.) The addition of the slabs and stairs with all the wood types is amazing, and needed. I love the trip wires, and can already dream up neat ways to incorperate them into builds. I really haven't played with the turned logs yet, so can't say much about it. Astetics though, it looks cool up in the trees that I have built in a flat test world. Anyway, just my thoughts, love to hear some others.
  5. If you are looking to backdate, you can always try MCNostalgia, I use it and it works. I've now got every version of Minecraft in it's own MultiMC instance.
  6. Well, I ain't going to comment on what LexManos and cpw should or shouldn't do. Not my place, and all. But will tell you a few facts. Modloader mods by Ris does work with Forge as 1.2.5 and I would assume it would continue in 1.3.1 but that is an assumption on my part. ModloaderMP is not written by Ris, it is being maintained by SDK, and was written by someone else if I am not mistaken. (If I am incorrect, let me know. )ModloaderMP mods as of 1.2.5 only work in SSP and not SMP, that is correct. cpw, somewhere, has stated why it isn't compatible and why it wouldn't be. Forgive me, but I honestly don't know where it was written.
  7. *facepalms* You didn't read the sticky thread did you?
  8. Can you get a stack trace of why it isn't working?? (We need this to help figure out what is going on, and where the error is. Might want to read the sticky to figure out how to do it. The one, you know, that says you might get banned if you don't read.) Well, have you thought about, you know, reading MoreCreeps & Weirdos thread? I mean, it has the steps how to install it, right there on it. Including links, to what exactly to download. It doesn't get much simpler then that. If you are having so much trouble with modding, I suggest you try using MultiMC, not even a baby can screw it up. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/100514-125-morecreeps-weirdos-v261-more-fun-for-everyone-updated/
  9. Okay, I am going to make this very simple for you, with numbers and everything. 1. Force Update Minecraft 2. Download Latest Recommended Build of Forge 3. Download All components of Buildcraft 4. Insert Forge into minecraft.jar 5. Insert Buildcraft into mods folder 6. Start Minecraft 7. Enjoy Edit: Do not install any Modloader or ModloaderMP. Delete them from your computer and never download them again.
  10. Long time lurker, first time creating account and all that jazz. So, hi all. lol. My thoughts though, is that Mojang shouldn't do anything like Forge nor absorb Forge. They should allow total compatibility with any community run API. As much as it seems like a good idea, I can see the flip side, the bad side. Mojang would have to dedicate a lot of time and resources daily to make sure new hooks get added, plus support for adding hooks, and all that. While that seems attractive to some, think about the nightmare that it would cause. Mojang has a habit of starting things, and then finishing them later on, several releases later in some cases. We all know them, so no use listing them out. Kinda redundant. Personally, I hope all the API does, is allow mods to be loaded in game, per world, that kinda thing. And they can finally fix their 4096 block ids that they half finished.
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