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  1. Nothing happened, it just launched it as if I'd double-clicked: I feel like there's another program on mac that might actually say, but I forget what it is. Also, even then perhaps not, because my computer might think that it's actually doing what it's supposed to.
  2. I thought I made it clear that I didn't know how to do that. I tried to do it anyway and this is what I got:
  3. Sorry if this seems obvious (I'm way newer than everyone else here, as can be seen in my profile ), but a good few of them aren't Forge compatible. I recently spent a good few hours trying to get them to work with ModLoader, and ultimately had to place about half directly into the jar. Also, when searching the minecraftforum post, I did find a list of those which are forge compatible, but it wasn't consistent with those that ultimately needed to go right into the jar. If you like, I could post my findings, but I'm not sure exactly how much they apply here considering I was only using ModLoader. Again, I'm new and very inexperienced when it comes to modding, so could you just say exactly which mods you installed?
  4. Using a Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard (10.6., the installer fails to run properly, instead returning this window: . The program calls itself cpw.mods.fml.installer.SimpleInstaller. The "OK" button cannot be clicked, the red "x" button and the "quit" options in the dock and the cpw.mods.fml.installer.SimpleInstaller menu, along with the "cmd+q" command, don't work, instead a force quit is necessary. This occurs in versions (the current recommended version at the time of posting) and (the version that the current release of TerraFirmaCraft was built off of, and the one I tried first). This may be a problem specific to my system for one reason or another as I haven't been able to find anywhere else that it is mentioned (unless I simply haven't recognized it). Threads visited: Youtube Tutorials viewed (among others): I'm not sure where I might find any applicable stack traces or error codes as the problem does not occur within the Minecraft Launcher and as such is not visible in its console.
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