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  1. I figured out why this happened, it's because the versions that Mineplex (And HiveMC until they updated recently) were for BOTH 1.6 and 1.7 so I think that because Forge is for 1.7, it breaks the joining , as it's for both versions, so until Mineplex goes fully into 1.7, you won't be able to use Forge. HiveMc recently went full on into 1.7, so you'll be fine there (I had the same issue before then)
  2. The client log: So the error seems to be that I cannot download the scala-library or the bcprov-jdk15on files, I tried to manually download them, but the site says the file cannot be found. Could someone please help out? I an running Linux Ubuntu 13.10 'Saucy Salamander' if the OS has some effect on the installation.
  3. That's interesting, I have two ideas. One, somethings wrong in the .json file that launching it normally can fix it. Two, Forge may require launching vanilla in order to install some sort of important file in your .minecraft folder. Also, MagicLaunher has flaws, which can cause issues, considering that that error means the launch command failed, or something is missing/wrong in your class path. At least your Forge is functional, right?
  4. Successfully installed it manually, no more errors here... problem solved, thanks for the help Lex!
  5. I did, he won;t change it, he's worried I'll run something stupid... where could I download the libraries?
  6. Not Java, just unknown executable jar files, Minecraft launches in a .app, so it basically is like a bypass... and he won't change it ._. Is there a way to manually install Minecraft Forge?
  7. I know HOW to, my dad just set it so it denies permissions to run it...
  8. Installer doesn't run, my dad did something with my computer and made it so I can't execute jar files... (Got Minecraft forge .jar from my friend). any way to manually install?
  9. The guy is busy with Optifine, so yeah...
  10. I'll add more clarification here... when I went to /Users/edulzo/Library/Application Support/minecraft/libraries/net/minecraftforge/minecraftforge/, I got to /, and there was no .jar in it, which is weird, any ideas as to why that is, or a way to fix it?
  11. People use MagicLauncher because either A). They don't know how to install mods (Either due to the update, or because it is harder due to their OS) and B). It's a lot easier to use than installing them manually (Especially nowadays with the new launcher and such). But there are some problems nowadays... Like how with the new forge installation, it doesn't understand that there is a forge, and screws you over, as wise words were once said... "Don't trust MagicLauncher and it's lies" ~ LexManos Overall, it's alright, but if you know how to do things normally, then do it that way over Magic launcher, it's just better... but if you have trouble with the new system, you're just a noob, your OS makes it hard to install mods, or you're just plain lazy, use MagicLauncher, it's a pretty good alternative to the MC Launcher, and that has it's problems like MagicLauncher, but they both have similar features, and such, so it's sort of your own choice... \ Back on topic, the error was solved... the end.
  12. Tested running it on the standard launcher, same error (Runs it, but no window appears), checked for the md5, and funny enough, it was missing..
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