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  1. I took a look at the markup generated for your post and it apparently has completely bogus inline styles applied to it (e.g. a fixed width which causes the line not to wrap and flow out of the container). I honestly can't reproduce this in a post of my own, so you must have hit a magic combination in the editor to achieve this. Trying to edit your post (for testing purposes) showed that removing the formatting (The editor button next to the 'Size' dropdown) from that line fixes the issue. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do to fix the cause of this, as, alas, WYSIWYG editors work in mysterious ways.
  2. @vpontin: Note that this isn't a requirement for open source coremods, they have to merely be visible source. Like Lex outlines in the post, this does not mean that the code is open to be edited by the community or that it would have to be licensed under an open source licence. The only requirement is that people can look at the code in order to reason about it and understand it more easily.
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