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  1. Turns out that I had to delete the .gradle folder, but that was hidden in my files, so i had to delete it with terminal. Now it works great
  2. Whenever I try to run the gradlew in terminal, I’m always given this error I have no idea how to run it with this happening...
  3. Alright, so for the past few hours I tried many different combinations of codes, looking it up, and everything. I am trying to make an item that chooses a random item from an array list. The code I have below is the one I once thought it was close, but I changed it, and I’m just not positive anymore. Am I heading in the wrong direction? How would I get to this item choosing a random item from a list of items I declare? public ItemStack onItemRightClick(ItemStack var1, World var2){ var1.getItem(); return var1; } List item = Arrays.asList(Item.diamond, Item.bakedPotato, Item.appleRed, Item.book); } Most likely this code is wrong, I’m pretty sure of it. Any help would be great, thanks!
  4. So, for say, a Villager. How would I go about changing its' sounds?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if you could change Minecraft sounds, or Vanilla sounds. I want to change the villager sound to something different, how would I go about doing this? Thanks
  6. I think I am. adminiumPickaxe = new TriniumPickaxe(IDs.adminiumPickaxe_actual,) etc.....
  7. I have my own set IDs.java which holds all my IDs. which is the code below
  8. public static int ItemStart = 8000; public static final int goldencoin_default = ItemStart; public static int goldencoin_actual; public static final int beefStew_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int beefStew_actual; public static final int adminiumIngot_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int adminiumIngot_actual; public static final int runiumIngot_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int runiumIngot_actual; public static final int relphiteDust_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int relphiteDust_actual; public static final int adminiumSword_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int adminiumSword_actual; public static final int runiumSword_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int runiumSword_actual; public static final int liquidStone_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int liquidStone_actual; public static final int holyStone_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int holyStone_actual; public static final int hellStone_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int hellStone_actual; public static final int pot_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int pot_actual; public static final int flourPot_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int flourPot_actual; public static final int breadDough_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int breadDough_actual; public static final int pestle_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int pestle_actual; public static final int pestleMortar_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int pestleMortar_actual; public static final int softClay_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int softClay_actual; public static final int unfPot_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int unfPot_actual; public static final int runiumPickaxe_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int runiumPickaxe_actual; public static final int adminiumPickaxe_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int adminiumPickaxe_actual; public static final int adminiumAxe_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int adminiumAxe_actual; public static final int runiumAxe_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int runiumAxe_actual; public static final int adminiumShovel_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int adminiumShovel_actual; public static final int runiumShovel_default = ++ ItemStart; public static int runiumShovel_actual; STill happens. Not a clue. IDs are obviously being called differently, just my mod is being stupid.
  9. for the item? or just in the beginning where its stating ItemStart = 8000; ?
  10. So add this? Original public static final int ItemStart = 8000; public static final int goldencoin_default = ItemStart; public static int goldencoin_actual; public static final int beefStew_default = ItemStart + 1; public static int beefStew_actual; Changed public static final int ItemStart = 8000; public static final int goldencoin_default = ItemStart; public static int goldencoin_actual; public static final int beefStew_default = ItemStart ++; public static int beefStew_actual;
  11. Very confused on why this is occurring. My code for that location is adminiumPickaxe = new TriniumPickaxe(IDs.adminiumPickaxe_actual, ToolMaterials.ADMINIUMPICKAXE).setUnlocalizedName(Names.adminiumPickaxe_unlocalname); GameRegistry.registerItem(adminiumPickaxe, adminiumPickaxe.getUnlocalizedName()); runiumPickaxe = new TriniumPickaxe(IDs.runiumPickaxe_actual, ToolMaterials.ADMINIUMPICKAXE).setUnlocalizedName(Names.runiumPickaxe_unlocalname); GameRegistry.registerItem(runiumPickaxe, runiumPickaxe.getUnlocalizedName()); adminiumAxe = new TriniumAxe(IDs.adminiumAxe_actual, ToolMaterials.ADMINIUMAXE).setUnlocalizedName(Names.adminiumAxe_unlocalname); GameRegistry.registerItem(adminiumAxe, adminiumAxe.getUnlocalizedName()); runiumAxe = new TriniumAxe(IDs.runiumAxe_actual, ToolMaterials.ADMINIUMAXE).setUnlocalizedName(Names.runiumAxe_unlocalname); GameRegistry.registerItem(runiumAxe, runiumAxe.getUnlocalizedName()); adminiumShovel = new TriniumShovel(IDs.adminiumShovel_actual, ToolMaterials.ADMINIUMSHOVEL).setUnlocalizedName(Names.adminiumShovel_unlocalname); GameRegistry.registerItem(adminiumShovel, adminiumShovel.getUnlocalizedName()); runiumShovel = new TriniumShovel(IDs.runiumShovel_actual, ToolMaterials.ADMINIUMSHOVEL).setUnlocalizedName(Names.runiumShovel_unlocalname); GameRegistry.registerItem(runiumShovel, runiumShovel.getUnlocalizedName());
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