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  1. Does that mean that config files for mods are individually stored per-world (and per-server in the case of multiplayer)? To the funny mod that deleted my post and banned me for a few days: Had you been less hasty to hit the delete+ban button and read my post again, you'd have realised that I wasn't remotely begging for a 1.8 version, which of course doesn't even exist. But let's assume it was an honest mistake and that my previous post was poorly worded, so let me rephrase that. My question was if the massive number of changes introduced by the 1.7 version contain a measurable improvement in the overall quality of the code, in the sense of how much it eases maintenance or future changes. Changes such as those introduced by new versions of Minecraft, but mentioning 1.8 here was an example in my original post, and by no means a "plz i can haz a 1.8 version kthxbai". Or any other changes, but those were the most obvious and the first that came to mind.
  2. Fantastic news! I thought it would be much longer before I saw a new release. Now I know it won't be as long as I thought. I can't wait. Keep up the great work, devs, and happy holidays!
  3. This is fantastic! I had not seen this video. The last time I tried to do this manually it didn't work (this video may not have existed at the time). I have to try again following these instructions. Thanks a lot! Edit: ...aaand no. Still having the same problem. I don't want to pollute this thread with noob questions though. Where should I go to ask about this?
  4. I just registered to make this suggestion and it turned out someone already made it. To be perfectly honest I don't quite understand how this works. I hope it is acceptable if I ask for someone to explain to me how to do it. I have, say, a profile for a modded Minecraft 1.4.7 and a profile for a modded 1.6.4. My problem is that if I throw all the corresponding mods in /.minecraft/mods/ half of the mods will cause a crash because they'll be for the wrong version. The only workaround I knew was copying the correct mods and removing the wrong version ones before changing versions, but this is slightly impractical. I have tried to set the game directory to something different in the profile config, but it seems to still read everything from the same directory. Nothing changed, apparently. I may be doing something wrong. If a change for this is not planned because there already is a structure that supports it, would someone please explain it to me or show me where I can read about it? Thanks in advance.
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