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  1. you have put NEI and chicken core in the coremodsfolder have you?
  2. dude thats not the log thats the crash report it even is written at the beginning
  3. of course i dont need it but i like it and i care for things being pretty not that its necessary
  4. it provides a news feed for new versions and its prettier than the files page but both problems would be solvable you could add a news feed and there is already someone making it prettier on the forum somewhere around here
  5. yeah i know the version it was more meant for people who dont tooltip would be a goood idea
  6. i recommend for making it more user friendly to add the minecraft version that every forge version is for there have been several confusions about that if you just look in the minecraftforums edit: or i forgot to say it looks really good
  7. if i got this right the solution for mod authors would be to let the users of a mod vote about every change regarding balance because the players may not like it or wood find it to hard? in opinion the players opinion isnt more important than the authors since its his mod and he has most likely an idea of what the gameplay and especially CHALLENGE and BALANCE has to be in his mod
  8. yeah i bet he wants to port it to forge anyway
  9. this statement fits in a frightening way with you Profile picture mafia-like but with bans instead of assassins but i do not want to criticize you please do not ban me i have a family :'(
  10. Pablare

    Learning Java

    i learned java with head first java too well in germany its called "Java von Kopf bis Fuss" but its just the Translation
  11. maybe there should be a general id directory with one config file fir ids pprovided by forge that would every forge mod use and write their block and item ids in it or something like that
  12. no dont listen to the one above me there is a bukkit version of smart moving just use bukkit with these two plugins and download smartmoving in the smartmoving package are various versions including a bukkit one you will have to install the smartmoving bukkit plugin and one version for the client i recommend the modloader version which can be used with forge or modloader
  13. you can do it with a cmd command as well
  14. i have the same problem http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/753030-132-thebombzens-mods-now-with-autoswitch-2/ its new version that causes the crash a previous version 2.2.1 for minecraft 1.3.2 works for me
  15. id suggest using magiclauncher http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/939149-launcher-magic-launcher-099-mods-options-news/ it doesnt touch the jar when installing a mod you will always have a clean minecraft.jar and optifine http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/249637-132-optifine-hd-b3-fps-boost-hd-textures-aa-af-and-much-more/ which also does provide connected textures and hd texture support and as already said it uses forge hooks
  16. so if id add some kind of wood the wooden planks wood be a basic item?
  17. but if i take "dig deeper!" wordltype i cant if large biomes could you add a "large biomes/dig deeper!"
  18. since 188 its for 1.3.2 so of course its not working either download the 1.3.2 pre-release or wait for it to be launched if it not already is launched im not sure about that
  19. will the release be modloaderMP compatible? edit: the current version isnt compatible with the latest optifine version
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