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  1. I understand why you say modding is not the best way to learn java. I do look at java tutorials however some are not the easiest to learn from and I admit I should have looked at more. But, I enjoy modding and I have learned from it.
  2. I'm not offended but, I'm trying to learn to understand it by doing this which is something I enjoy.
  3. if an entity throwable renders without a texture it should be a purple and black cube, shouldn't it?
  4. I am getting an error here: par2World.spawnEntityInWorld(new entityplasmabolt(par2World, par3EntityPlayer)); The constructor entityplasmabolt(World, EntityPlayer) is undefined Code:https://github.com/chasingfirehpps/Future-weapons-mod Any help is appreciated!
  5. I've been trying to render my entity throwable(again), now in 1.7.2 now Minecraft is crashing any thoughts? Thanks for any help. code: https://github.com/chasingfirehpps/Future-weapons-mod crash report:
  6. Does anyone know a video tutorial for entity rendering for 1.7.2
  7. When I try to open a class such as ItemBow.class it says source not found. Did I install forge wrong? I am on forge Thanks for any help.
  8. still isn't working. I made the modID futureweapons changed code:
  9. That didn't work code: folder setup: C:\Users\ijhpp_000\Desktop\forge 1.7.2\src\main\resources\assets\Future Weapons\textures\items
  10. how would I add textures to an item in 1.7.2? Folder setup: \forge 1.7.2\src\main\resources\assets\futureweapons\textures\items
  11. I have done what everyone suggested. But I've made no progress ( It's EntityPlasmaBolt isn't rendering). I would be great if someone could look at my code and see what is wrong. It may be obvious but I am struggling. Thanks for any help. Here's the code https://github.com/chasingfirehpps/Future-weapons-mod
  12. What do you mean? like this? Item Plasma_Rifle = new Plasma_Rifle(0).setUnlocalizedName("Plasma_Rifle"); int modEntityID = 0;
  13. Will anyone help me. I've been trying to render this throwable entity for 2 weeks. I've fixed errors and crashes and now I'm back where I started, the entity not rendering.
  14. I've fixed errors and crashes now I just can't get my entity to render. Any ideas why? Thanks for any help. https://github.com/chasingfirehpps/Future-weapons-mod
  15. Ok the crash is gone... now it just doesn't render https://github.com/chasingfirehpps/Future-weapons-mod
  16. Ok I made some changes. now Minecraft is crashing. https://github.com/chasingfirehpps/Future-weapons-mod
  17. what do I put into the quotation marks @SidedProxy( clientSide = "", serverSide = "" )
  18. I have been having an error on this line of code. proxy.registerRenderers(); in the FutureWeaponsMain class proxy cannot be resolved I have tried a few things and read some things on methods and classes, but I haven't fixed it. I may be being dumb... I probably am... but thanks for any help. I can't figure it out. Here's the code https://github.com/chasingfirehpps/Future-weapons-mod
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