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  1. Well, first you need a CLEAN copy of minecraft.jar and minecraft_server.jar. That is the most important step! Second, when you have errors installing Forge with MCP, usually we would like to see what ERRORS you had. Steps to take to install Forge into MCP: Put minecraft bin folder inside MCP jar folder. Put minecraft resource folder inside MCP jar folder. Put minecraft_server.jar inside MCP jar folder. Put Forge SOURCE Files inside MCP Main folder. Go into FORGE folder inside MCP Main Folder. Run Install.bat or whichever runnable file that matches your OS. Wait for it to finish. If there are errors, post it up. If YOU SEE "MODIFIED JAR FOUND" YOU ARE NOT USING A CLEAN MINECRAFT JAR FILE OR SERVER FILE! All the steps needed to install Forge into MCP for modders! Btw this was answered quite a few times already over several topics.
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