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  1. Just cd into '/Users/Vincent-Laptop/mcforge/' and then just type './install.sh' No need for bash.. ;-)
  2. Hi Guys, I'm currently trying to install forge but it fails to do so. [spoiler=install.sh Output] MCP Detected already, not downloading Setting up MCP Patching commands.py patching file commands.py Commands patch applied successfully Copying FML conf Creating Repackaged data Creating re-packaged srg Creating re-packaged exc Creating re-packaged MCP patches Traceback (most recent call last): File "install.py", line 76, in <module> decompile=options.decompile, gen_conf=False) File "install.py", line 17, in fml_main disable_assets=disable_assets) File "/Users/TheRealKANi/Desktop/minecraft Work Folder/forge/fml/fml.py", line 1027, in decompile_minecraft pre_decompile(mcp_dir, fml_dir, disable_assets=disable_assets) File "/Users/TheRealKANi/Desktop/minecraft Work Folder/forge/fml/fml.py", line 1075, in pre_decompile download_minecraft(mcp_dir, fml_dir) File "/Users/TheRealKANi/Desktop/minecraft Work Folder/forge/fml/fml.py", line 1139, in download_minecraft failed = download_libraries(mcp_dir, version_json['libraries'], mc_info['natives_dir']) or failed File "/Users/TheRealKANi/Desktop/minecraft Work Folder/forge/fml/fml.py", line 1208, in download_libraries except (HTTPError): NameError: global name 'HTTPError' is not defined I looked around on the forums and googled it for about 2 hours now. No fixes, only leads to other errors. And before you ask, I'm still using 1.6.4 for my server, and I'm in the middle of developing our server economy.. I just needed a clean start so I wiped the forge folder and re-downloaded forge source. What can I do to get my modding environment back..? Thanks in advance. /TheRealKANi
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