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  1. I want to, but base mod(Flan's mod) only on 1.6.4. And i need to create own contect pack for my project But better, i'll update it to 1.7.2....
  2. Eclipse cant find my .project (forge-1.6.4- Why? And what shall i do to fix it? (Screen) http://gyazo.com/b07c0b60b2f5d87203f6161659221d30
  3. After installed Gradle Forge and Eclipse, i tried to open minecraft project in eclipse, but it cant find .project . What shall i do?
  4. Thanks. Um...Where i can get full MCP python version(With all files) (Just need for contect packs of Flan's 1.6.4)
  5. So, when i use "install.cmd", it shows me that I can use vanilla MCP client, but not Forge MCP client. Why? (I have Pre-Installed JDK 1.7.0 51 Update 64x and tuned.
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