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  1. In 1.6.2 fluids had a setGaseous(boolean) method. It defaults to false. Try that?
  2. Unfortunately it's kind of hard to gauge how much is 'enough'. Ideally, you'd have an understanding of: Classes Methods Primitive types (boolean, int, short, long, float, char, as well as String) Inheritance (extending classes and also using interfaces) Basic data structures (Arrays, Lists, etc) Using Public/Private/Final/etc modifiers for methods and variables when appropriate If, For, Else, While, Do, Switch statements - How they work and when to use them Recursive methods (which can save you a lot of coding) Basic logic (!= not equal, && and, || or, == equa
  3. So I have some blocks you could call custom furnaces. They have only 2 slots: one input, one output. Input is slot 0 in the container class, Output is slot 1 in the container class. I changed this in my TileEntity class to adjust for it only having 2 slots (code is based on original BlockFurnace code): private static final int[] slotsTop = new int[] {0}; private static final int[] slotsBottom = new int[] {1}; private static final int[] slotsSides = new int[] {0}; So now I can place items in the input slot (slot 0) through hoppers via the top or sides of the block and it works c
  4. Yup, mod is still listed in the mods menu and the console shows that when reloading the new world client and server successfully load 4 mods (FML, MC Forge, MCP, and my own mod).
  5. Hi, I previously worked with Forge but am only recently looking into it again. I seem to have run into a bit of an issue, and I honestly have no idea what is wrong. I can add a new block, test run it, create a world, find the block in the creative menu and place said block. However, after saving/quiting the world and then loading it again, the block is MIA from the creative menu, gone from your inventory, and has disappeared from world itself, leaving only lighting errors where the blocks previously were. I'm using Forge build 1024 for MC 1.7.2. It also prints out this lovely stacktr
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