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  1. I use such system like minecraft uses, only that it's customized addEffect(ClientProxy) - https://github.com/batlefield/Zoocraftia/blob/master/source/minecraft/net/zoocraftia/dimension/client/ClientProxy.java#L149 addEffect(CommonProxy) - https://github.com/batlefield/Zoocraftia/blob/master/source/common/net/zoocraftia/dimension/CommonProxy.java#L106 particleEntity - https://github.com/batlefield/Zoocraftia/blob/master/source/minecraft/net/zoocraftia/dimension/client/EntityPortalFX.java addEffect call in my portal class - https://github.com/batlefield/Zoocraftia/blob/master/source/common/net/zoocraftia/dimension/BlockPortal.java#L219
  2. FurnaceRecipes.smelting().addSmelting(item, metadata, out); Is it really that hard to go through the class and check for instances of it?
  3. Hello there, I have been working on adding a dimension to minecraft for quite a while now. The code that I previously used(MC 1.2.3) is now broken, so what I did was just copied over the ChunkProviderGenerate, WorldChunkManager and of course registered them properly inside my WorldProvider class but here is the thing I was getting errors, so I decided to go and instead of creating new classes I just created instances of allready existing minecraft classes. Now what happens is(minecraft default normally working code) throws this at me So I went and checked where did I make a mistake of calling the populate method twice and well I couldn't find that error. I don't think that teleporter is necesary but here is most of the vital code of the dimension Now What I need is: solution to my problem(or at least some pointers), open source dimension project(I will not steal, just compare the code and try to fix it), working code(ChunkProvider, WorldProvider, WorldChunkManager - again to compare and find not to steal). Thanks for any help that I can get.
  4. Well I have managed to work something out, but I don't think it's really efficient IntegratedServer server = mc.getIntegratedServer(); String[] names = server.getConfigurationManager().getAllUsernames(); for(String s : names) { if(s.equalsIgnoreCase(player.username)) { player = server.getConfigurationManager().getPlayerForUsername(s); } } if(player instanceof EntityPlayerMP) { server.getConfigurationManager().transferPlayerToDimension((EntityPlayerMP) player, ZoocraftiaDimensionMain.dimensionID, new ZoocraftiaTeleporter()); } Note this is only on client side, it's only being called in my ClientProxy class. What do you think?
  5. I have a problem. I'm trying to teleport the client on clientside to a dimension. I'm using player ticks for timing and after the desired time the player should teleport. But the thing is that methods inside ServerConfigurationManager only take EntityPlayerMP while the player instance that you get with data[0] from the ticking mechanisms is actually EntityClientPlayerMp. So the question is how can I properly teleport player on the clientside to a dimension.
  6. It makes EventBus reckognize your method as the event handling method
  7. Thank you very much, I didn't know I have to make that call aswell.
  8. I registered them in my core class(the initialize method gets called from load method), what I posted are just snippets of the code This method gets called from ClientProxy
  9. After updating my mod from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 I can't see my entities in the world even though I can hear them and spawn them with spawning eggs. Anyone else having similar problems? I know it's more of a minecraft problem than a forge problem but still this is a forum on which modders are mostly active. Before asking have you registered the entity inside EntityRegistry and it's render inside RenderingRegistry, yes I did that and I double checked it or asking if I have textures on their apropriate spots, yes I have but even If I wouldn't have them I could see the shadow of that entity. I have allso perfomed some quick tests and it seems like my entity wouldn't even be passed into the loaded entities list.
  10. So I'm working on a mod called zoocraftia and in transition from forge to forge I got this error after first launch on forge 243 without any changes made, the same error repeated until I remove the @Instance annotation from my main instance(of course I got NPE after that). Error log Here is the ZoocraftiaAnimalsMain class And the ZoocraftiaMain class
  11. One thing about this EventBus thing will this work the same way as bukkit API handles the events? Cause that would mean that you could create a bukkit plugin that would run on client aswell(well there would be some minor changes with block handeling).
  12. In what conditions do you want to change this? Like if I'm in water set font size to 100 and when I get out set it back to normal or you set it once and it should stay like that.
  13. I think that this would work only with one mod using this, lets say that I'd like to use this too there are two things that would happen a) it would override my code b) it would override your code
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