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  1. the problem with this, is that the "world" in minecraft is just a 3-dimensional array that stores the ID of each block in the correct location. It's probably something like new int[3000000][256][3000000] but I've never seen anything that would support my thinking on that. It just seems like that's how it's stored. it might be an array that stores 16x16x16 arrays though. I'm not really sure.
  2. at the moment, that isn't what I need. I need to be able to send them to any coordinates of any dimension.
  3. I'm able to teleport the player when they collide with a block, but when I use the same method (or similar) with custom commands and/or a tick handler, it doesn't work. and by doesn't work, I mean it does absolutely nothing. any help would be appreciated. here's the relevant code. https://github.com/code-lyoko-modding/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/handlers/ServerTickHandler.java https://github.com/code-lyoko-modding/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/handlers/CommandHandler.java the variables in PlayerInformation are being stored and retrieved correctly btw.
  4. how would I make an installer for my mod? it's a normal mod, but I think it would be cool to have an installer for it.
  5. try making the meta-data 1-4 instead of 0-3. I know that fixes some meta-data problems.
  6. you can replace player with any entity. player.dimension player.worldObj.provider.dimensionId world.provider.dimensionId
  7. I have everything set up and working, except the method always returns true for some reason. Can anyone help me fix the problem? Here's the method that is always returning true Any help would be appreciated! the entities are in dimension 0 when I'm testing this btw. EDIT: nvm. I realized that the problem was that CORTEX and DIGITALSEA were never initialized so they defaulted to 0. The problem has been fixed.
  8. I might actually make my mod download this mod into the core-mods folder in the pre-init method just to remove that problem with one of my mods.
  9. nope. it doesn't. I also have a weird glitch where the items are called item/block.UNLOACALIZED_NAME.name where UNLOCALIZED_NAME is exactly what it says. why isn't LanguageRegistry working?
  10. I'm testing out the latest build, I'll let you know if it works in this version.
  11. I just put my mod in the correct location, but when I load it, all my blocks and items are a purple and black checkerboard pattern. Did something change for setting up forge between 1.5.2 and 1.6.1? I'm using forge build
  12. but how would I use packets in this case? I've used packets for syncing GUIs, but I'm not sure what I'd do here.
  13. no, I don't want to be able to walk through it, I want it to collide with the player properly. it's a cable that looks kind of like industrialcraft cables.
  14. when ever I walk into my custom block, it pushes me out and I've tried to fix it, but I can't. if anyone knows a solution, that would be great. here's my code. https://github.com/code-lyoko-modding/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/blocks/BlockCable.java https://github.com/code-lyoko-modding/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/entities/tileentity/TileEntityCable.java https://github.com/code-lyoko-modding/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/model/tileentity/ModelCable.java https://github.com/code-lyoko-modding/CodeLyokoMod/blob/master/matt/lyoko/render/tileentity/RenderCable.java
  15. it might help if you show them the code you have at the moment.
  16. add this to you're tile entities @Override public Packet getDescriptionPacket() { NBTTagCompound tag = new NBTTagCompound(); this.writeToNBT(tag); return new Packet132TileEntityData(xCoord, yCoord, zCoord, 0, tag); } @Override public void onDataPacket(INetworkManager net, Packet132TileEntityData pkt) { NBTTagCompound tag = pkt.customParam1; this.readFromNBT(tag); }
  17. you need to set it in the onArmorUpdateTick method in the armor's item class.
  18. ya, I'm in contact with him over skype. we're taking care of it
  19. no, it sounds like you edited Item.java and possibly other minecraft files.
  20. I mean, you shouldn't modify existing files when modding unless you made the file. if you want to make your mod correctly, you should use reflection to override the normal minecraft blocks/items.
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