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  1. Hello everyone, I need some help making a button when pressed take the user to the server that is specified! If you want more information then please do ask!
  2. That is a eclipse directory error, what you need to do is to make sure eclipse isn't open when moving your ROOT folder in another directory. To fix this error you need to reinstall forge DO NOT move your forge folder or it will break it which will cause you to have the same error.
  3. Probably because you put it in the wrong spot. Remember that ToolMaterial needs to go above EVERYTHING except the line - public class classname
  4. Hello There, I just wanted to report a bug that happens every time i first open the work space with eclipse. The bug is that the func that is used in the example is apparently changed to a different Func! I haven't seen a change in the new forge update so i was just letting Lexmanos know and everybody else who is having this issue.
  5. If you are using 1.7.2 the best way is to use - setTextureName("MODID:TEXTURENAME"); (For blocks setBlockTextureName("MODID:TEXTURENAME"); If you are using eclipse you should see the resources source folder in the project explorer. Make sure that you have your modid in your texture directory in lower case. For example if my modid was RedstoneMod i would have to make my texture modid redstonemod with no capital letters. To make this directory the best way is to use eclipse. Right click on the resource source folder and make a package named assets.modid.textures.blocks and for items assets.modid.textures.items To access you need to open up the src folder in your forge ROOT folder and just follow the directories. ROOT FOLDER > src > resources and so on. Hope This Helps!
  6. This is what you can use for the ToolMaterial. public static ToolMaterial ToolMaterialName = EnumHelper.addToolMaterial("REDSTONE", HarvestLevel, MaxUses, Efficiency, Damage, Enchantment); Just remember if you haven't used ToolMaterial before the Efficiency and the Damage are both floats!
  7. When your settting up your Workspace use these commands first command - gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace --refresh-dependencies Second Command - gradlew.bat eclipse
  8. Instead of setupDevWorkspace Do - setupDecompWorkspace --refresh-dependencies
  9. Items use setunlocalizedname... While blocks use SetBlockName
  10. Thanks, it worked. Sorry if i sounded "angry" or "harsh" i was needing this badly! Thanks for your help. EDIT - if i have any crashes i will report here.
  11. I didn't copy and paste i studied it and saw it was outdated. Your telling me that ChatMessageComponent is used to make it colorful when i want it actually sent to the player!
  12. That has to be outdated because sendChatToPlayer cannot use a String but needs a ChatMessageComponent. Any more suggestions?
  13. Is there anyway to create a command? For example /help uses "commands.help.success" which is overriding ChatMessageComponent is there anyway i can create a custom command?
  14. I am in need of some code so that when a player logs into a world he gets a message saying in the chat bar. If not then i would also like to have the code for when you right click the message pops up!? Any suggestions on how i would go by this?
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