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  1. Which FG do I use with the 1.8 builds for development, FG 1.2 or some as-yet-unreleased FG 1.3?
  2. I'm working on a mod that lets players look at other worlds inside of the current world via custom blocks, but the problem is that to render the provided server worlds the client needs to receive the other world data from the server that isn't where they currently are. What would be the best way to do this?
  3. With build.gradle as: Same thing.
  4. Also, if I try java { srcDirs 'src' exclude '**/*.java' } It works fine. So I just can't exclude resources.
  5. gradle does not use your IDE's exclude setting when it builds. If they are in the assets folder they get included in the jar when you gradle build. I know that, if you look at the build.gradle you'll notice I have an exclude right there.
  6. I was moving in some of my .xcf files from GIMP to sit with the assets, and I didn't want them in the end user jar so I tried to exclude the xcfs folder I have under resources. However, regardless of how I do it, it ends up in the jar anyways. Here's the build.gradle:
  7. Okay, this happens when your server and client don't sync: the server thinks you don't have a GUI open or something. To fix, I just implemented some stuff out of this: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1949352-172164-custom-inventories-in-items-and-players/
  8. So, I was trying to create something similar to a furnace that runs on sunlight, so I copied the relevant Furnace classes (Container, Gui, and TileEntity) and renamed them. I've not yet added the furnace functionality, but I have huge slot problems, which I assume is from removing the fuel slot, lowering the count to 2 slots instead of 3. I lowered what I thought were the right values, but now it dups the items weirdly, adding them in every row. Relevant files attached below, other stuff can be added if needed. Cannot access attachment upload path apparently. Ahem: Files here. https://gist.github.com/kenzierocks/e4f92432c0e2520602fd.
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