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  1. Can you please make item conflicts crash the game like block conflicts? When two blocks conflict it gives a nice text file that tells you exactly what conflicted and what ids are available, nothing like that for item ids. For item ids, you nead to search the log for the conflict, ignore all surrounding text, boot the game again to try and find an empty id (which doesn't always work), add 256 to the ids and then modify the configs and hope the news ids doen't have any conflicts of they're own, which you can't tell without searching the log again or search through nei again. Please, make item conflicts just as user friendly as block conflicts, until then I will have to restart my world.
  2. With the new superflat customization, I noticed that no mod ores showed up when I had the "decoration" flag set, I also didn't find any trees either. Also, this isn't much of a bug report, but I would like there to be a way for modders to add flags and presets.
  3. While browsing the new forge source code, I noticed that there was more to @Mod than specified in tutorials or the wiki. I'm wondering how to use the @Item and @Block sub-anotations, what they do and why they're there when we could just use the old way of defining blocks/items . Also, are the @ServerStarting, @ServerStarted, and @ServerStopping fired when loading or closing a world? Lastly how do we use @Instance considering the mod isn't a string and is an object? Thank you. Sorry if this is too much.
  4. I know buildcraft has an ISpecialInventory and really just gives the inventory an itemstack and lets the inventory choose where it goes. Wouldn't this be much easier for the modder and player to have the inventory choose where to put the item as oposed to the pipe/tube choosing based on what side it's on. An example for furnaces would simply be if the item is smeltable, put it in the top, if not and it's a fuel, put it in the bottom, otherwise reject it. This might reduce framerate slightly. I'm just wondering why you made it side dependant instead of item dependant. Also it could use the same code as shift clicking. It is sometimes anoying to have to not know wich side to pipe something into/out of.
  5. Yes, the icons are simply determined by the block/item id of the block/item you want
  6. The first reply on the first thing this guy asked for, I've write a little bit of code in the CreativeTabs and GUIContainerCreative to allow for more than 2 rows of creative tabs. I've not put any work into making them look nice or change the number of possible amounts as necisary(It's currently limited by the length of an array).http://i1183.photobucket.com/albums/x474/boomshroom/2012-08-14_181632.png[/img] I would love to see this code added to forge to allow modders to add their own tabs. I've played around with forestry and it make the once nice and neat tabs really cluttered.
  7. boomshroom

    I actually started (and abandoned) a project called ModSimplifier that had these as some of the meathods to use: public static void addBlock(Block block, String s) { ModLoader.AddName(block, s); ModLoader.RegisterBlock(block); } public static void addMoreBlocks(Block ablock[], String as[]) { for(int i = 1; i < ablock.length; i++) { addBlock(ablock[i], as[i]); } }
  8. One small diference between FML 1.3.1 and ML 1.3.1: FML public static void addSmelting(int input, ri output) { GameRegistry.addSmelting(input, output, 1.0F); } ML public static void addSmelting(int i, ri itemstack, float xp) { ta.a().a(i, itemstack, xp); } This causes a mod that is suposed to be compatible with forge to not be, and I would say Risu is the winner here. just add an alternative addSmeting meathod that can handle costum exp values and I'll be happy.
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