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  1. What happens if you add it to a different CreativeTab rather than the materials tab? Try tabDecorations or something, see if it shows up in both or just decorations. Assuming you haven't already solved this.
  2. Yeah, the problem was overriding the setBackground method, as the old way of setting the background is gone now (I was basing mine off old code). So I can get it to display the textures now, except I can't get the offset to work, as the image displays too high up and cuts parts of the texture. For some reason, setGuiOffset isn't working.
  3. Sorry to bump, but I still haven't been able to work this out...
  4. I've been working on an NEI addon (long overdue) for my Fusion Furnace, however I can't get it to display properly. The texture is definitely being loaded, as the flames/bubbles work properly. However, the background slots aren't being displayed, giving it an odd appearance. I'm not sure if the slots are being removed because of the items displaying in front of them (even though the items are obviously transparent), or if I have something messed up. Here's a picture of what the Fusion Furnace gui looks like: And here's a picture of what it is showing as in NEI: And here's my FusionRecipeHandler.java: So if anyone here has created an NEI plugin successfully before, help would be appreciated. This is driving me crazy Thanks EDIT: And yes, I've tried looking at neiaddons and logisticspipes source, I still can't figure this out. I'm a fairly competent modder, I just hate GUI stuff haha
  5. PNG's support transparency, however I'm not sure what alpha values Minecraft accepts for GUI's. Just try making the GUI texture transparent in paint.net/gimp/photoshop/whatever. MSPaint doesn't support transparency as far as I'm aware (it might support it these days but it never used to). EDIT: The doesn't seem to work, neither does modifying: GL11.glColor4f(1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F); And lowering the alpha values.
  6. You won't learn anything just by asking for some code. However, I understand how frustrating it can be to just have to bang your head against a wall trying to figure something out. How important is getting this to work, and did you understand what diesieben07 recommended?
  7. Thanks for the speedy reply I was hoping there was some clever way I was just missing. I thought it might have been classpath scanning. Cheers for letting me know about ASMDataTable though. I didn't realise it was accessible via PreInit. Time to have a play around with that (though it's 2 AM now haha).
  8. Don't take this question the wrong way. I know how to USE the @Mod annotation. I'm looking for a proper explanation of how the @Mod annotation actually works. I've researched a bit into annotations, but have found nothing about using it in yet-unloaded classes. I could create a random class randomClass, and as long as it's never called from any other class, it would never be loaded. But if I add the @Mod annotation to it, it will be loaded. Does Forge load and scan all the classes in a certain class path, searching for any that implement the @Mod annotation, and then loads them? Is there some really easy way to get all the classes that contain a certain annotation WITHOUT having to load every class in a certain path? Am I just missing something extremely obvious? I'm not a pro Java coder, but I have a few years experience with some of the more basic/intermediate stuff. It's always been a hobby and never something serious, so there's things I don't know that someone who studied the language properly for a few years would. I only ask this because I'm messing around with my own annotation similar to @Mod, however I can't find any way of loading the classes that contain it without loading all within a certain path. Thanks for any help guys I've been getting a lot more serious about programming recently (though less Minecraft stuff really), and this has been really frustrating me.
  9. Hello. I believe I have found a problem with the new ChestGenHooks, as all the methods for adding loot to a dungeon chest have been moved there. The problem is that the addDungeonLoot method is not public, and so cannot be accessed from a mod class. Here's how it is now: static void addDungeonLoot(ChestGenHooks dungeon, ItemStack item, int weight, int min, int max) { dungeon.addItem(new WeightedRandomChestContent(item, min, max, weight)); } I could be wrong, but I think that method should be public. Correct me if I'm wrong though. Also, if I am wrong and I'm just missing something, could you please explain how to access it? Because it's telling me it can't be used due to not being public. Thanks, and I hope this gets sorted soon
  10. Hmm thankyou. I think I have got it. Now just gotta make sure I have done it right.
  11. I recently downloaded and installed the source for Minecraft Forge, and when looking at my code I see that getOrCreateBlockIdProperty is now deprecated. As such, what has replaced it, and how do I use Forge's config system now? Any help is appreciated, Thankyou.
  12. Hello all I really need some help, because my mods SimpleOres and Netherrocks both add armor and tools, of different materials. I used to use EnumHelper to add the enum's for the tools and armor, but it appears to not be included in the new version of Forge, and so I have no idea how to add new tools and armor without editing base classes anymore. Any help is appreciated Alex EDIT: I found the EnumHelper class, but I can't seem to be able to use it like I used to. Anyone know how this works now? EDIT EDIT: Ah silly me, I fixed it. For anyone else who wants to know how I fixed it, basically you change: static EnumToolMaterial toolCopper = EnumHelper.addToolMaterial(same-stuff-as-before); to: static EnumToolMaterial toolCopper = net.minecraftforge.common.EnumHelper.addToolMaterial(same-stuff-as-before); Weird, but oh well
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