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  1. I've already done some custom item rendering for some special weapons which uses the IItemRender and whatnot, is this the idea you are suggesting?
  2. So, I basically want to make my mob hold a weapon. I have all the code in place, except in the render to hold the item it seems to need to extend RenderBiped, but the model isn't a biped. What would be a smart approach of going about this?
  3. That makes it appear, however it is at the wrong angle. Is there a way to rotate/flip it?
  4. Ah yes, so no errors and the game loads, but now my weapon appears invisible. My render file: My main file related stuff:
  5. When I put in the line: MinecraftForgeClient.registerItemRenderer(HawkshotRifle.class, new RenderRifle()); I am told that registerItemRenderer isn't applicable for the arguments and it gives an error. Very helpful! But having same problem as above.
  6. So if I have a weapon, like a sword... How can I visually scale it up in game so it looks bigger when you hold it? (hitbox doesn't need to change) edit: Scaling is working, but it's at the wrong angle. Is there a way to rotate or flip it?
  7. It's very extensive, but everything related to the projectile can be found here: public class darkCaves { @EventHandler public void PreInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event){ EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityDischargeShot.class, "DischargeShot", 200, this, 120, 3, true ); proxy.RenderInformation(); } }
  8. Oh, that's already there, just forgot to include it.
  9. The weapons shoots fine but the projectile is invisible. Also, is it possible to scale up the size of an item (weapon) the player is holding, and if so, how? Entity Code: Render Code: Main Class Code: Client Proxy Code:
  10. Still can't seem to get it to work, and I don't know how to make the Render extend biped while not being a biped. My render file:
  11. I think it's evident I don't know how to do it, that's why I am asking here.
  12. Yes, the mob shows up fine, animations work and everything.
  13. So, it seems to have worked somewhat, as the mob now drops used bows, but I still don't see a visual bow being held.
  14. Unfortunately adding this didn't help, unless was I supposed to add this to the Render file? setWeaponorEquipment doesn't appear to be a valid method.
  15. Hi, so I have a ranged mob that is meant to hold a bow, but I can't see the bow. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to add anything to my render file, but here is all related code to the entity file:
  16. I've also tried using EntityPlayer instead of EntityLiving but it just crashes the game when the mob hits me.
  17. I currently have the following code, but my mob doesn't apply potion effects when it hits you. @Override public boolean attackEntityAsMob(Entity par1) { if (super.attackEntityAsMob(par1)) { if (par1 instanceof EntityLiving) { ((EntityLiving)par1).addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(Potion.blindness.id, 12 * 20, 0)); } return true; } else return false; }
  18. Hi, So I'm having two issues with the AI of this mob. Issue#1: Sometimes the mob randomly just decides to stop chasing and bounces up and down for a few seconds before resuming chasing. Issue#2: No matter how I change the line : addVelocity(this.motionX * 2.0D, 2.0D, this.motionZ * 2.00D); , the mob always knocks me up into the air rather than backwards. It also only knocks me up after I hit it at least once. When I don't use the new AI, neither of these happen but I can't get the mob to move above normal speed.
  19. Oh right, you aren't using the new AI... maybe try that instead? Take a look at a vanilla mob such as the zombie to see what kinds of AI you can add. My mob was using the AI system and the speed worked correctly, though I haven't looked through the code to find out why. Worked, thanks.
  20. I've tried setting it at 3.0D, 50.0D, 300.0D. Doesn't affect anything. Then you probably need to turn on the AI, because it is not enabled by default in EntityMob: @Override protected boolean isAIEnabled() { return true; } Adding below the attributes section just makes my mob stand there, and he doesn't use his AI anymore.
  21. I've tried setting it at 3.0D, 50.0D, 300.0D. Doesn't affect anything.
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