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  1. Thanks for this reply Jabelar, you did some great tutorials in the past. I shall have a look into break points, I have several paperback versions on learn to program in 24 hours from Cadence but its just not my learning style annoyingly, as I've said. I'm sure the answer is obvious for someone out there
  2. HI, thanks for your reply, I have spent several hours daily running through different possible causes, cant say that the debug on eclipse helps me at all. it just runs like normal. I'm not one to care what people put in their signatures, unfortunately I fall into a category a "Kinesthetic learner". so anyone that goes and says learn has no idea of how difficult it is. I'm not looking for all the answers, just pointers, it's nothing new what i'm looking for, it's just rare to find anything that has been done recently.
  3. we've had all these ores since 1.2.5, last public release was in 1.6.4 main dev left, I picked up the pieces ( I can't code)
  4. I'm having a serious issue with my ore generation, I'm attempting to generate certain ores in specific biomes but all I seem to get is EVERYTHING.
  5. well sure as heck feels like that many errors, if anyone feels like looking at it feel free to add any comments or anything that may help. https://bitbucket.org/SimCraft/simcraft P.s I know the code may seem messy, but c'est la vie.
  6. Thank you. Next would be to hunt them all down.
  7. While I do appreciate the reply, I did state that I am trying to learn java. And I didn't exactly volunteer myself, I just refuse to let the mod die. I see modding as another code base that uses JAVA language. Because knowing a language doesn't make you able to make the best mod it's down to creativity and maybe eccentricity. All im asking for is a little help. Like the code is 70% correct. It just needs pointers in what to update. As yes change logs say that. In a vague way.
  8. nope lol, tried that had over 20,000 errors
  9. Hello to everyone who's reading this. Let me introduce myself, i'm Mikerman50 an ex-porter (vanilla mods - Bukkit mcportcentral.co.za) with VERY little actual modding experience who was recruited by the owner of mcpc to help with a mod, the very basic tasks of assisting in adding certain blocks, which was mainly a case of copy pasting, shortly after that I told the lead coder that I can make models, and since then that has been my primary job. Until recently where the constant chasing of updates have been a hindrance and made it near impossible to add the extra new content we had lined up. which in turn made him feel the need to resign, leading me in charge of updating to 1.7.2+ while he pursues other paths. So what I'm really looking for is some assistance or pointers of how to update from 1.6.4 - 1.7.2 quickly. Now a couple of things id like to make clear is that I am currently attempting to learn Java and any help given please explain it clearly, imagine if you will a Goldfish crossed with a sloth. And since the Lead Developer has finished he has agreed to let the mod be open source. If you feel you can help this humongous task please message me on here and I shall give you more information. <NB> If anyone does have a FULL list of changes from 1.6.4 - 1.7.2 that might help somewhat Many Thanks Miker
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