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  1. Sry, I been gone a while Anyway, I derped, I have one in forge/mcp/src/assets/modmud/sound/mud_chucker/hurt.ogg I also put one in forge/mcp/src/assets/modmud/sound/hurt.ogg, just to double check
  2. do you mean latest gradle? I tried using the recomended, and latest builds. I can try again. I'll try using recomended.
  3. sry for posting so much... anyway, I followed the normal tutorialthats posted here a few times. Then I tried tbe advanced setup twice. no luck
  4. I'm probably making a stupid mistake, please help me!
  5. Ok so I'm completely new to this"Gradle" stuff, and decided to try going for 1.7.2 It worked, and I opened eclipse. I noticed some differences... Am I supposed to see the minecraft.src anywhere? Then I decide to just run minecraft... It worked until I created a world, where it crashed The crash report:
  6. its just hurt.ogg. Thats the only file I have The full path is: forge/mcp/src/assets/modmud/mud_chucker/hurt.ogg there is noerror or crash, It just doesn't play.
  7. No luck... I tried to install the latest forge 1.6to see if that would fix it, but after I finished, minecraft had errors...
  8. Thanks coolboy4531 SO MUCH! I made a new block and it worked!!!! THanks to everyone, how do I send thanks?
  9. Wow, it didn't crash! Hmm, I think the previous error had to do with low memory, and wasn't the portal at all. Oh well, I still need help getting the portal to light, so that you don't need to go into the biome to do it.
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