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  1. I got this to work but I had to tweak the API a little to do so There's no point in trying to use Jade if you're trying to make armor OBJ models for 1.7.10, it does the same thing as the Forge OBJ loader, the only difference is that it's faster, never discards faces, and respects normal angles. The version on my github is a very early start to the 1.10.2 version iirc, I don't think I ever pushed a 1.7.10 version. Whatever happened, I'm pretty sure it's not in a fully functional state for either version. I haven't been working on anything MC or even Java related in a while, I'm off in C/C++ land at least until I finish the projects I'm working on atm.
  2. You need to use OpenGL to fix its scale and position then. 1.7.10 didn't use JSON files. This currently uses my own loader/renderer but it's a drop-in replacement for the AdvancedModelLoader: IrisRender Edit: actually you can also fix its scale and position by scaling/positioning it in your 3D modeling program too. In Maya (the program I use) 1 cubic unit = 1 block in MC, which makes it very easy to position/scale the model file, so not much OpenGL is required.
  3. Ideally the renderer would separate all opaque and transparent faces into separate lists, sort the opaque front to back, transparent back to front, turn glDepthMask on, render the opaque list, turn glDepthMask off, then render the transparent...but I have no idea what the vanilla renderer is doing. I don't have the patience to try to go through it and figure out what's going on with it...and it might end up being easier to rewrite the whole thing than fixing what's there. OpenGL 3.1+ would make it so much easier and more efficient...just sayin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Eventually I'll rewrite my OBJ reader/renderer for 1.10+, but from what I heard, Forge added OBJ support to the vanilla model system, can that not be used for armor? PS your inbox is full
  5. Ive looked at that and i dont rly want to run 'gradle setupDevWorkspace' in all my mod folders, main reason why im making this post isnt there any way using the 'dependencies {}' part of the 'build.gradle' file to make it depend on my 'CoreMod'? (if there is I would just do the same to make 'Mod C' depend on 'Mod A' right?) build.gradle This goes in the @Mod annotation mcmod.info I assume you mean like that?
  6. Where do you specify the tint index in forge's format? Blockstate
  7. I'm only taking the color into account with getMetaFromState, so why is growing working? ~ And I haven't added a withProperty for the age in getStateFromMeta either... ~ So I'm a little confused as to why the crop is functioning right now. Edit: Crop block
  8. What would be the result of storing more than 4 bits, because the crops are the correct colors when planted and grow fully, they just don't have a model/texture.
  9. So...I made a crop block and seeds, and there needed to be 5 colored variants of them, so I handled that with metadata, using a PropertyEnum for color, and PropertyInteger for age, but now that I'm moving on the models/blockstate files, I'm not sure what to do; what's the best/most efficient way of handling this? I'd really like to not have to create 40 model files. <__< Bonus question, how would I use a single set of greyscale stage textures for each color and apply colorations to them? Enum
  10. Create a custom Style and ClickEvent, and call Style#setClickEvent, passing the ClickEvent instance, and then TextComponentString#setStyle.
  11. Not having your creative tab defined in an anonymous inner class in your main class definitely isn't the problem. Frankly I think having a creative tab in main in an anonymous inner class is messy and should be avoided...and as far as I can tell it was a trend started by tutorial writers. Big surprise there. And god forbid you want to start manually ordering your items/blocks, suddenly your creative tab's anonymous inner class is bigger than the rest of the main class several times over.
  12. I think he's asking how to change how much damage the explosion does to entities, without affecting block damage? No, when changing the strength of the explosion, it creates little to no particles basically looking like nothing exploded if I made the strength less than 2, and with the strength at 2 the damage is half health to full damage on a player. I was wondering if I can change the damage value of the explosion without having to change the strength. I'd need to look into it myself but you can probably create a custom explosion extending the vanilla one to do that, and look into how vanilla spawns it, and replicate that.
  13. I think he's asking how to change how much damage the explosion does to entities, without affecting block damage?
  14. What's the preferred method for doing connected textures with the new systems?
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