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  1. I don't mean a Potion Effect. Haven't found anything about the AttributeModifiers for EntityPlayers yet.
  2. Hey guys, good to be back to modding in Minecraft. I've thought of something that gives a permanent health boost after being used by the ordinary Minecraft player. Anyone has some advices or hints on doing so ?
  3. Choonster maybe if I post my code it will help to understand my problem
  4. So it's been a long time since I needed your help. I've created an Enchantment which is called Devourer. I want my sword to have that enchant in creative inv and JEI. For that i will need to get the ID of that Enchantment. I've tried the getEnchantmentID(Enchantment) method but it returns actually nothing Edit: I forgot to mention it's in 1.10.2
  5. How can i compile my mod for Java 7 ? The only java i have installed is Java 7. http://puu.sh/gP0Jl/f2c13c4f13.png
  6. I got a problem with building my Mod. the itemsorter class:
  7. post your code in here in a so we can look through your code. And ffs stop creating new posts.
  8. i've casted the heldItem variable now. Now i need to cast the findBlock in a static field right ? but which static field and how ? i know quartzOre is an undefined variable atm
  9. My question now is how will i check for the tool the player is holding ? Can i use the EntityPlayer.getItemInUse Method or is it another method ? Edit: I've tried it like this. Could this work ?
  10. Okay i really don't know how to start... I know you gave me the start already but to be honest... i don't know...
  11. could need some more hints. So i can use GameRegistry.findBlock to get the block. But how do i check now it its the Block i am currently harvesting ?
  12. To be honest with all of you. I'm getting more and more confused while reading Is there a very user friendly tutorial on that ?
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