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  1. Do you have like, some kind of base for this mod? For the shield you can look at the LivingAttackEvent. It will give you the entity that's been attacked as well as the damage source (magic is harming potions, anvil is an anvil dropping on them etc). As for shielding you can modify the event.ammount by however much you want to decrease the damage
  2. Used to be able to do mc.thePlayer.sendQueue.playerInfoList but that seems to have been removed. Anyone know how to get that in 1.8?
  3. Where do I call refreshDisplayName()? Calling it within the event is bad and when i call it outside the event nothingh appens
  4. That event isn't working, I'm trying to do event.displayname = event.displayname + ", Nickname: " + Nickname.getNickname(event.displayname); and when I install the mod and join a server none of the nicknames are displaying
  5. I want to make a client side mod that allows you to set nicknames for other players. You open a gui, type in the account name and nickname, click ok, and it saves the data to a text file. Is there an event where I can access the player's nametags and modify them?
  6. well isn't PlayerEvent.NameFomat all I need or do I use the other one to actually update it or something?
  7. is there any documentation on how to use those events?
  8. I want my mod to change the way nametags render in the world, adding variable text next to a players name and even coloring it differently if need be. The problem is I can't seem to find the forge event that handles rendering player names
  9. Is there a way to override the player list and render something else in it's place? I've been playing around with extending GuiIngameForge and overriding the renderPlayerList method but that doesn't do anything. Help?
  10. well it's happening, right now, to me
  11. Ok here's what I have in the file that isn't working properly @SubscribeEvent public void onRenderInvList(RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post e) { if(e.type != ElementType.EXPERIENCE) { return; } FontRenderer fr = mc.fontRenderer; String name = mc.thePlayer.getCommandSenderName(); System.out.println(name); int xPos = e.resolution.getScaledWidth / 2; int yPos = 10; fr.drawString("" + name + "", xPos, yPos, 16777215); } that is it, nothing else useful there that i can see. when I run the game it draws "null" but outputs "ForgeDevName" in the console
  12. There isn't really any, it's a client side mod only. I also have the problem where I have: Sting name = mc.thePlayer.getCommandSenderName(); which works, I know it does, and then: fr.drawString(name, xPos + 1, yPos, 16777215); draws absolutely nothing. If I add quotes to it fr.drawString("" + lowPots + "", xPos + 1, yPos, 16777215); it draws "null" on the screen. there is no synchronization issue
  13. fr.drawString("Health: " + lowHealthVal[0] + "", xPos + 1, yPos, 16777215); lowHealthVal is an int array and the value should be 15 and I've put in console outputs all over the place and it should be 15 but it draws 0 on the screen
  14. I'm trying to draw some strings on the screen (obviously), but when I add a previously declared String or int (e.g. "Health: " + health) it draws "Health: 0" regardless of what value the health variable actually has. Anyone know why this is or how I can fix it?
  15. So I used the same method as in the stackoverflow post but I get a field not found exception when I tell it to modify Minecraft.class.getField("session")
  16. So in Minecraft 1.7.10, the Minecraft session field is private and final. I can change it to public with an access transformer (which is easy) but I can't actually modify the session id because it's final. Is there a way to edit this or would I have to code a fully custom client?
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