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  1. Mod Download: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/menumobs/files/2329105
  2. Log: http://pastebin.com/djpgRtmi Action to trigger crash: MainMenu -> mods -> fml -> config -> Sample arrays -> random entry -> crash
  3. I got a bug report on my github so I tested it and I happens on old and new instances of forge
  4. It works fine in my dev env but f***s up in Minecraft. I build it in 2066 and run it in 2066 so that should be the problem right?
  5. since my 1.10 mod version, minecraft crashes when you open a config arrayentry gui. Error : java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiSlot.field_148161_k from class net.minecraftforge.fml.client.config.GuiEditArrayEntries$BaseEntry I don't know why it crashes because its in forges code. log: http://pastebin.com/B3jXjK0v best regards Bas.
  6. Problem solved! used drawModalRectWithCustomSizedTexture() to make custom sized texture.
  7. code: Subscribed to the game tick with some checks to prevent executing when it's not needed:
  8. got this: I want something like this: don't mind the graph, its some old test code.
  9. thanks that worked! One last question: How to set the scale of the image? got this: this.mc.getTextureManager().bindTexture(Texturelocation); drawTexturedModalRect(150, 50, 0, 0, 600, 600); Now it renders the image small and multiple times on the screen but I want it to render on a big part of the screen, ones.
  10. this does not work: Dynamic.deleteGlTexture(); Dynamic = null; Dynamic = new DynamicTexture(Image); Texturelocation = this.mc.getTextureManager().getDynamicTextureLocation("ModControl.Graph",Dynamic); How should the texture be discarded?
  11. The image is 600 X 600 px. It crashes in about 10 seconds after the gui was opened. crash:
  12. How can I edit the texture and update the dynamic texture? When I reinitialized the texture with getDynamicTextureLocation() in drawscreen() of my gui I get an memory overflow error.
  13. Again, it's an dynamic generated image: BufferedImage.createGraphics()
  14. I have googled it already. but everything is outdated and should be done different with the current version (the methods are changed). so how to do it with the current forge?
  15. How can I render a Buffered Image in a GUI?
  16. I want to deny a connection of a player. but I don't want the log in and log out message in de chat. code: I tried some different methods but the log in message is still broadcasting in the chat.
  17. How do I render the orange part? Brown - rest of GUI White - visible part of list Orange - hidden part of list - a "cape" When element leaves visible part of list partially it' s being hidden behind "cape". constructor of the List:
  18. Problem 1 solved! used code in drawscreen(): RenderHelper.disableStandardItemLighting(); super.drawScreen(mouseX, mouseY, par3); RenderHelper.enableStandardItemLighting();
  19. for problem 1: I don't enable or disable any GL11 property in my code. the drawHoveringText method does it but that's not my code. maybe the order of my code does something strange?
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