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  1. Yes you can with the day/night functions in the Advanced menu. If you need more detailed help join my discord https://discord.gg/0qZ6X3cHl8Pupttr Well this is my sub forum, unless one of the moderators moved his topic here, he is in the right place
  2. That should have been fixed in the latest 1.12 version. Download it from curse or my website
  3. Nah you are right, looks like a mistake on my side
  4. Join the Scripting discord https://discord.gg/2jZm88M
  5. Go into the CustomNpcs.cfg and set DisableEnchants to true
  6. with the availability options when you make the dialog. set it to be only available before having read its own id
  7. They should unstuck themselves after a few seconds
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