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  1. In theory you can call noppes.npcs.controllers.ScriptController.Instance.getScriptForEntity(mcentity)
  2. Ive tried and also couldnt get scala to work, so Ive removed it from the supported scripting languages
  3. I see that you are using 1.8.9 and jython so in that case it would be something like: def interact(event): event.npc.world.spawnClone(x, y, z, tab, clonename)
  4. You can put your own schematics in the world/customnpcs/schematics folder
  5. The IExtendedEntityProperties interface is there. Entities are only missing all functionality related to them, such as Entity.getExtendedProperties and Entity.registerExtendedProperties forge: 1.9 -
  6. I can exit just fine. You might want to make sure you are using the latest version
  7. Well it's not impossible for me to add, but kind of a pain.
  8. What kind of server? What other mods are you using?
  9. Yes looks like you figured out you shouldnt use the github code if you are scripting. That is purely for when you want to make an actual mod and hook it into my code. world.spawnClone is indeed the best way to do it. Glad you figured that out on your own ^^
  10. You know what the most asked question to me is? How can I limit the functionality to specific players who are donors of the server? I dont want this to be a pay to use mod, so nope, blame greedy server owners for the source not being released.
  11. Youve got the source in your message box. Do note I wont be giving you any support, I hope your modders are decent enough ^^
  12. Are we talking about full on new entire models, or just model parts? Also you forgot to say for what version
  13. Nope thats not possible. Its a 100% something he will need to fix
  14. Not caused by my mod. com.bioxx.tfc is the one crashing.
  15. Do you have a crashlog also which of the 1.7.10 versions are you using?
  16. Its simply not worth the trouble on my part to make npcs actually able to use player weapons. Why dont you just equip the weapon to the npc and in its projectile slot put one of the black bullets. That would make him effectively shoot with the gun.
  17. There is currently no way to do that. I might in the future, but Im not sure how to make it easy to customize for players yet.
  18. Can only be disabled client side by setting EnableUpdateChecker to false in the .minecraft/config/CustomNPCs.cfg
  19. Noppes


    Hi and welcome to my subforum. To keep things need an clean when making a new topic please include the mod you are talking about and whether its a suggestion, question or bug. For if you have a bug report for customnpcs for example your topic subject should be something like: [CustomNPCs][1.8][bug] crashed while doing x, y, z. All other rules can be narrowed down to please use your common sense and think before posting. Have fun, ~Noppes
  20. I'd rather not though as it's in the render loop which would impact performance. Also its a 100 times easier to do it like this, without having to look up the obfuscated method names.
  21. You can get the original position using the EnumFacing. Its either: pos.add(side.getDirectionVec()) or: pos.add(side.getOpposite().getDirectionVec()) Im not sure, youll have to test yourself Also wrong forum? This should probably be in modding support
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