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  1. Well, I am happy.. Found out there was away to make it seem to be less random without tile entity... just used the world.scheduleBlockUpdate() method. Seems to work exactly how I wanted it. Set it to a 100 tick rate and it took 5 seconds to make the changes.
  2. Ok, but what if I wanted to make a sapling, or plant grow faster by default? Would I have to make a Tile Entity? Or would it be possible to do it as just a block. Would I use random.nextInt() with a greater range, equaling a larger set of numbers to increase chance of growth?
  3. Ok, so what's an answer to my other question? On how to increase rate of metadata change?
  4. Tick Handler? As a side note? How could I increase the chance of meta change?
  5. Dang, because I was hoping I could make 100 blocks with this similar property. Welp, if needed I could either make less blocks, or just let it be random.
  6. Well, with the amount of blocks I plan to have this attibute, I don't think a tile entity would be a good option sadly . So anyone have an idea on how to make a block do what I want it to do, from my post above this replied post?
  7. Ok, this works now. Here is a new question I have, how would I make my block's metadata change in a constant time. Like if I wanted it to change every 20 seconds. I already have an idea on how to make it stop at a set metadata as to not constantly increment, but I don't know how to make it change metadata at set times... What I mean is I don't want it to randomly change.
  8. I wanted to know if it is possible to use the onBlockActivated method to change the metadata of a custom block. This is the current contents of onBlockActivated of which I tried: Trying to use it to change the block's bound depending on metadata value. It's probably a simple issue to be honest
  9. Do those setBlock commands put your sapling back? As for the sapling vanishing, you set the block to air, then do all your checking. So when everything is done, there is a 50% chance of your sapling vanishing because you have 6 possible outcomes from your randomized and you're only checking for 3 possible outcomes. I think so. But how would I fix that?
  10. Ok, now next question? What could be the reason as to why my sapling doesn't always disappear when the tree generates, and sometimes disappears before the tree even generate?
  11. Ok, now I have a bit of another issue... For some reason, I occasionally get Phantom trees, where its blocks seem to stay solid and stay present until they are right clicked, or leave and rejoin world, any ideas?
  12. Thank you very much, this has resolved my dilemma. Now I have another question, how would I make my sapling capable of generating different types of trees. Similar to how oak saplings have chance of creating a giant tree?
  13. Like the title says, I have been trying for a while to make my custom sapling grow with something other than bonemeal. What I want to know, is what would I have to code in order to make my sapling create the tree randomly when rightclicked with certain item.. Like lets say I right clicked it with redstone for instance and It would grow.
  14. Ok, I assumed I could cast the first one, wasn't sure. The decompiler I've used is JD-GUI, but I'd assume it wouldn't figure it out properly.
  15. Ok a few other question I've had, for this code: It returns a type mismatch, how would I correctly resolve this issue. I also had a problem with this: I'd assume to make the second work I would just simplify it down to simply getMode().ordinal, or would that be incorrect?
  16. Ok got it to run completely, but dumb question. Do the files in the new jar file need to be .class files?
  17. Ok, so how would I create a manifest for it? since it was a zip file before.
  18. Ok got it to run, saw that it only takes in jar files. I did change the extension .zip to .jar, and put it as input, and I get an error. Unless I'm supposed to use a tool to change it correctly?
  19. Then how would I make a new workspace with 1.8?
  20. I think I will just give up using Bon2, since I don't want to make a 1.8 workspace just so I can deobfuscate the code. I want to get it working in the version I stated in, and perfect it before I port it.. More fun that way
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