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  1. // Solved. I now use HashMap#put(String, Boolean) instead of HashMap#replace(String, Boolean)
  2. Hello, I'm using the sphinx4 library (Speech Recognition) to create a mod like "In Verbis Virtus". Basically you have a wand, you can rightclick it and say a spell. Based on the result different things happen. It's working very well, most spells are already implemented and working. The problem is every time the SpeechRecognizer produces a result, it loops through several lines of code till it has produced a good result. So every time I use my wand the server freezes and throws out a "cant keep up" message. The code of the sphinx4 api is not meant to be extended, so most fields are private. I tried to use reflection, but it didn't work properly... So my idea is it to create a class implements Runnable and put the blocking code snippet inside it. But I don't know how to use it with an Item's onItemRightclick(...) method (return statement etc), so if anybody knows how to do it, please tell it me. Best regards, xperion aka calcrafter
  3. I need it for a Starbound mod for Minecraft. Currently I'm generating between 3000 and 3500 Planets per World save, and I would like to name the planets in a particular order, eg. MODNAME_SECTOR:SOLAR_SYSTEM:Planet or something like these, to make the savefile clearer. thx, Calcrafter
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering how I can specify the name of my custom-dimension folder name (DIM180 -> "Custom World") in the saves folder of minecraft. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know it. thx, Calcrafter
  5. Hey, I think it would be a nice feature if there is a mods folder support for the Minecraft version names. For Example, it's possible to create a folder in the mods folder with the name "1.6.4". And if you play on version 1.6.4 the mods in this folder will be loaded too. It would be nice if you create a folder in the mods folder with the name "1.6.4_MyMod" if you play on a renamed version "1.6.4_MyMod". I hope you know what I mean and sorry for any mistakes, my english is not the best PS: I'll try to write this feature and paste the link to github in an edit. EDIT: I can't find the file where Forge loads the mods. Can anyone tell me the package and name of the class? Thx. Thanks from Germany, Calcrafter.
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