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  1. what are you trying to do 9 out of 10 there are ways to do something that doesn't involve mixin/asm
  2. https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/1.13.x/datastorage/capabilities/
  3. click the green box it tells wat to do
  4. that is because the slots are still linked to the first backpack
  5. fixed here you are trying to get your capablilty from your backpack w/ no side(null) https://github.com/Zemelua/UMU-Mod/blob/main/src/main/java/io/github/zemelua/umumod/inventory/container/BelongingsUMUPlayerContainer.java#L61 here you check if there is no side(null) https://github.com/Zemelua/UMU-Mod/blob/main/src/main/java/io/github/zemelua/umumod/capability/FunctionalBackpackCapabilityProvider.java#L29 so you never get the capablilty use ifPresent instead of orElse so .ifPresent(add the slots in here)
  6. after a bit of testing i found the problem this.player.getItemStackFromSlot(EquipmentSlotType.CHEST).getCapability(CapabilityItemHandler.ITEM_HANDLER_CAPABILITY).orElse(new ItemStackHandler(36) .orElse(new ItemStackHandler(36) < that is the problem NEVER EVER do that. you should never return a new object in .orElse
  7. https://github.com/Zemelua/UMU-Mod/blob/main/src/main/java/io/github/zemelua/umumod/inventory/container/BelongingsUMUPlayerContainer.java#L60 what are you doing here ?
  8. you dont have enough memory https://cubedhost.com/help/en/articles/1648388-how-do-i-allocate-more-memory-to-my-minecraft-launcher-client-side
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