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  1. Hello, I've started learning world gen recently, so my answer may not be very accurate. Try looking into BiomeProvider.class. There is a static block at the end where vanilla registers those BiomeProviders (vanilla_layered, multi_noise...). Maybe (and again, I have no clue if this is correct), you can create a new BiomeProvider based on that multi_noise one (NetherBiomeProvider) and then register it by using a RegistryEvent.Register<Biome>.
  2. Hello everyone, So, I'm question is about porting to 1.15.2. I would like to render an itemstack that is inside a tileentity. I'm using a TileEntityRenderer where I'm getting the ItemRenderer class from Minecraft.getInstance().getItemRenderer() and calling renderItem(), but the second parameter is a TransformType which is deprecated. What should I use instead? Currently, I'm setting it to TransformType.NONE. Any help is appreciated
  3. I see... for some reason my forge Fluid class is different from those, it doesn't have the ResourceLocation. What version are you using? Edit: I was using the recommended version I changed to version and it worked beautifully! Thanks Choonster!
  4. Hello guys, so I have never done a fluid before, but I think I got it right, except the rendering. I have the fluid block (BlockFluidClassic), I can place it and it can normally flow; However, it is invisible (with default RenderType = -1) or untextured blocks (with RenderType = 3). Does anyone know how to properly register a fluid in 1.8?
  5. Hello guys, so I'm working on a block that needs some IProperties; however I would like to ignore them in the block registering so I don't have to create tons of blockstate variants. Does anyone know how to do it?
  6. The "Predicates.equalTo(<yourIBlockState>)" works! I didn't know how the Predicate works; I was using the "BlockHelper.forBlock(Block)". Thanks diesieben07.
  7. Hello guys, do you know how can I do a pushable entity? I tried using the code from EntityBoat and EntityMinecart; however, I always get a annoying effect: when the entity collides, it will sometimes go to the top of the other entity bounding box. I also noted that this happened with other mods as well. So, what is causing it? Anyway, here is the current code that I'm using. PS: What I really want is something similar to when you try to push a wolf that is sitting.
  8. Your entity has a very high movement speed, try reducing a little bit. I would suggest about 0.3D - 0.35D "getEntityAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.movementSpeed).setBaseValue(0.6D);"
  9. Hello guys, I tried to generate my own block by replacing granite (Blocks.stone.getStateFromMeta(1)); however, I don't know how to do it properly... the worldGen just replace all stone types (stone, granite, diorite, and andesite). Do you guys know how to replace a specific IBlockState?
  10. Thanks, that makes sense and I would not notice that, haha. Well, now it's working right. I was using debug, so I've closed mc and tried again. Weird
  11. Nice. But I still have a problem. When I destroy the tile entity in survival, it is not completely destroyed, I can still collide with it, and when I right click it, the block returns. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. In order to get the tile entity (!= null), I'm using the breakBlock(), instead of dropBlockAsItemWithChance(), or harvestBlock(), both return a null tile entity. So, I'm setting the tag in an itemstack and spawning it before the super.breakBlock(). When I do this, it will spawn an extra block, so I need to override the getItemDropped() to null. However, when I do that, it will always drop an item, even in creative.
  13. Well, currently I'm using that, but the player can still get the block when it is broke in creative. How can I check if it is creative or not? I mean, is there any problem by using !Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.capabilities.isCreativeMode in the breakBlock(World worldIn, BlockPos pos, IBlockState state) method?
  14. Hey guys, do you know how is the best way to store values from the tile entity in a block / itemstack, so they can be re-add when the block is placed again?
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