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  1. I just moved my mod to 1.8.9 and recommended Forge In my gradle build file the mapping evaluates to minecraft { version = "1.8.9-" mappings = "stable_20" } but I get a warning in the gradle log Should I use a "snapshot_xxxxxxxx" mapping? Latest Mincraftforge build seems to use "stable_20" as well.
  2. I have a mod which where I can generate separate jars for FML and for LiteLoader. Currently I have to change the the entry in build.gradle from jar { from('src/main/java') { include 'assets/**' } appendix = 'universal' exclude 'eu/sajuk/tsdev/zebrastogglesneak/LiteModZebrasToggleSneak.class', 'litemod.json' } to jar { from('src/main/java') { include 'assets/**' } extension = 'litemod' exclude 'eu/sajuk/tsdev/zebrastogglesneak/FMLZebrasToggleSneak.class', 'mcmod.info' } and run the build again. Is ther a way to assemble both files in one run? I can't use the entry
  3. I have setup the Forge Contributor so far to get the jars and installer. But the version number is always - somewhat unfortunate for all mods awaiting a higher versionnumber like I undestand that usually there is a CI-server involved in the process, but is there a simple trick to do it for a local gradle build?
  4. I'm trying to add a bow charge indicator to the game overlay - a green transparent rectangle showing up at full charge. I'm registerig a Event listener to get the Bow use: public void load(FMLInitializationEvent event){ public static final BowListener bowListener = new BowListener(); ... MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(bowListener); and I track the bow charge public class BowListener { public boolean scopeOn = false; public float charge; @SubscribeEvent public void startUsingBow (PlayerUseItemEvent.Start event){ if (itemNotBow(event.item.getItem(), true)) return; openS
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