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  1. Compare Y of bullet and (entity Y + entity eyeHeight) upon impact.
  2. What would happen when client will not send "stop firing" packet? For exaple, player starts firing and he is kicked from server / minecraft or computer is crashing. I think sending packets with specific rate when player holds item&button is better. How vanilla does.
  3. I think he means mouse pointer
  4. I know what I could open connection. But I created this topic because i have no clue how to achieve this.
  5. Hello everyone. I have a question. I need to transfer binary files from server to client. After studying the Minecraft code, I came to the conclusion that Minecraft downloads custom resourcepack from server via http, there is method ResourcePackRepository#func_148528_a: http://up42.ru/u/p/2015-01-10_10.55.43.png[/img] So, what can I do? How to send request to server? How to share required files on server? Thanks and sorry for my language mistakes.
  6. This mod brings snow flakes in any Minecraft GUI. It's rewrite of my very old project. Screenshots: Features: configurable snow flake count configurable GUI list snow flakes rotation snow flakes avoid mouse it's awesome Config stored in com.multimote.snowtime.Config, you MUST compile mod to change it. Releases: HERE Github repo: HERE I'm lazy and I want to download it now: [1.7.10] SnowTime-1.0.1
  7. Args of drawStringWithShadow are not width and height
  8. Maybe you want to create custom zombie and spawn it instead of vanilla zombie?
  9. @TheEpicTekkit Minecraft already have pathfinder.
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