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  1. This wouldn't change anything, because he extends BlockLadder already (he can already climb), but correct me if I am wrong!
  2. Hello modders, If you have a RenderLivingEntityEvent.Pre and you know, that a Player is being rendered, how can you check, which LayerRenderer is rendering (like a custom one). Is this even possible,? If not, how can you register your own LayerRenderer and remove all other LayerRenderers? I don`t want code, an idea is enough. Thanks for your help!
  3. 1. If you set the MaxPermSize too high, the java garbage collector needs more time - So normally you can choose a high number and lower it (half the amount everytime), till you get an error (not this error). Then just double it and you have the perfect amount (normally it is 256m, but not more than 2048m!!(and that's rare)) 2. Optifine is causing the trouble.... And sorry, that I was telling you something wrong...
  4. No, M_ModelRenderer.mRs wasn't null, but it couldn't get the value for the key. In the hashmap is an object called new ModelDwarFemale, but if i used the key new ModelDwarfFemale or cast it to ModelBase the key doesn't exist. I solved the problem with adding a '.getClass().getName()'. Now there is no error, but nothing is rendered..
  5. Use: event.player instant of e.getPlayer()
  6. If I go in the Thirdperson view, minecraft crashes with following error: Something is null, but I don`t what because the doRender(....) is called and the arguments aren`t null... Event, where it happens: @SubscribeEvent(priority = EventPriority.HIGHEST) public void onRenderLiving(RenderLivingEvent.Pre rlep) { if(rlep.entity instanceof EntityPlayer) { EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer)rlep.entity; LayerRenderer lr = new M_LayerDwarfFemale(new RenderManagerUtils().getValueOfSkinMap("default")); lr.doRenderLayer((EntityLivingBase)player, 1F, 1F, ClientEvents.partialTicks, (float)player.posX, (float)player.posY, (float)player.posZ, 1F); System.out.println("Tried to render player"); } } No class changed since I posted them. Anyone can help me?
  7. Try this.... @SubscribeEvent public void onWorldLoad(WorldEvent.Load event) { event.world.setWorldTime(18000L); } Don`t get the Server! You can get the world from the event...
  8. Don't change time clientside. You need to change it serverside to have an effect. Maybe use Worldloadevent or another event where you can acess the worldobj serverside.
  9. For teleporting I would recommend to use setPositionAndUpdate(100, 100,100). Then you don't need spawnEntityInWorld.
  10. I managed to write some LayerRenderers and apply them to all players, but do I really have to delete the LayerRenderers which I don't need, or is there an event where I can cancel special LayerRenderers? Some of my classes: (If you have problems to understand it, tell it me please)
  11. Bump. I am confused with the Layers and how it`s rendered. But I think, I just need an own RenderManager and an own RenderPlayer which holds the models and textures, check which textures are needed and then apply it.. Is there a better way?
  12. Hello modders, I have some questions about rendering the player. Since forge 1.8 RenderPlayerEvents are useless. So now there are ayers. 1. If I want to change the player model and the rendering stuff (like Entities), will I have to redo all layers or is there a better solution? 2. The RenderLivingEntity event still exists, so can I render the EntityPlayer there without doing all the stuff with layers? (I think this wouldn`t work but I better asked) 3. Are the layers cancelable? I don`t want currently armor being rendered. (What else option do I have?) 4. Can I just copy paste minecraft/minecraftforge`s code for layers and just change some values, or is "expands" better? 5. If I have to add my own Layers, where can I register them? And how can I check if the layer, which is currently rendered, if it is my own layer? 6. If i have more models (3 different types and for every type 2 different texture) can I just make 3 different Layers which have 2 different texture registered (register a layer with texture 1, set ResourceLocation to texture 2 and register the same layer with a different texture a second time? I am currently looking in the source code to find the answers, but if somebody can answer it faster, please do. If I found an answer, I will post it. Sorry for my bad English and thanks for your help. Androm
  13. Maybe you could use the RenderPlayer API. It will do it compatible with other mods if they use it.
  14. The code in the RenderPlayer.class is big, I don´t think i need it at all. Do I have to use openGL to draw and handle the rendering or are there some finished mehods in forge? (like for entitys you just give the model and the resourcelocation and voila the entity is rendered right)? I hope you understand me.
  15. The model change but I there isn´t the right texture. Forge tries to set the steve texture on my custom model. I know I forgot it. The problem is i don´t know how to change the texture. Maybe too with ObfuscationReflectionHelper or is there an easy method? Thanks for your help! (I know I can optimize my code, but please don´t say it)
  16. Do you mean that: So you can see three players on server and they will have different models (just need to change the steve texture)?
  17. I don't think that would be right. Every player has the chance to choose one from six models to play.So on a server where there are different models they will be rendered the same way. But I want that you can see different models(later handled by packets because informations are always saved on server).
  18. I tried something but ObsucationReflectionHandler... sets the Main model of all players.
  19. No the RenderPlayerPre event is called. But Ich didn't change something in renderPlayerPost event.
  20. Hello there, maybe it's a stupid question but how do you change the player model? I searched in goggle and later I recompiled a mod which change the player model. But nothing helped. I want that the player is rendered with a special model and a special texture (all the time). My code: I think there is an easy way to do it and I am just too stupid. Thanks for your help!
  21. Thanks for your help. But now i have another problem: event.player.addChatMessage(new ChatComponentTranslation("msg.badkarma.txt", new Object[0])); works, but it isn´t colored anymore. In the .lang file: msg.badkarma.txt=You got §1Zeus §fangry! §4NOW FEEL HIS PAYBACK! §1 = DARK_BLUE; §f = WHITE; §4 = DARK_RED. In the chat is written: You got ?1Zeus ?fangry! ?4NOW FEEL HIS PAYBACK! EDIT: Solved the problem. Thread can be locked now!
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