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  1. Hi and thank you for this FAQ. It is very useful for modders to hear these future plans as we have to plan our own lives too. This all seems very positive for 1.8. Thinking about Galacticraft, we're not going to be ready to be looking at a 1.8 version until at least January anyhow, as we like to make a new planet (or other celestial body) with each major version update. My take on the Microsoft takeover of Mojang: Microsoft are buying the company, not the game. They could just have bought the ownership of the game and left the company alone. If you buy a company, it means you are
  2. That's great, thanks very much for the pointers. I now see that in vanilla the call to the decorator is deferred until IChunkProvider.populate() is called from Chunk.populateChunk() - which very cleverly, only calls the populate() if at least three of the neighbouring chunks are already generated. public void populateChunk(IChunkProvider par1IChunkProvider, IChunkProvider par2IChunkProvider, int par3, int par4) { if (!this.isTerrainPopulated && par1IChunkProvider.chunkExists(par3 + 1, par4 + 1) && par1IChunkProvider.chunkExists(par3, par4 + 1) &&
  3. Hi guys, first post at minecraftforge.net so please be kind... My question is this: The standard methods net.minecraft.world.World.getBlock() and net.minecraft.world.World.setBlock() act as temporary chunk loaders - meaning that if the chunk where the block is at is not loaded, then the chunk will be loaded so that the block can be got or set, and that in turn will involve a call to the ChunkProvider if the chunk was not generated before. The vanilla oregen method net.minecraft.world.gen.feature.WorldGenMinable.generate() calls World.getBlock() and World.setBlock() plenty, whil
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