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  1. When I had to do problem 2, I looked at custom named entities. Here's my half-working result: https://bitbucket.org/JavaMatrix/snowtech/src/577af81dcbc980f306df52daa769e279fef212e4/SnowTech/java/com/defenestrationcoding/snowtech/renderers/RendererReceiver.java?at=master
  2. Could you share your results for Googlers and other interested parties? (Like me ;P)
  3. Uncomment this line: //this.bindTexture(modelResourceLocation); Without binding the texture, it'll use whatever happens to be on the queue. Not a good thing.
  4. What do you need to do this for? There may be an easier solution than changing the rendering methods of vanilla entities.
  5. Doesn't sound very Forge. You may want to ask on a ruby forum, unless you are using Forge in the process somehow?
  6. You have no render code for held items. Look at RenderZombie for an example, perhaps?
  7. Well, you can rather easily do this with NBT, if you aren't opposed to NBT altogether. Just use Entity.writeEntityToNBT and Entity.readEntityFromNBT, editing the tag in between.
  8. Hullo, I've been looking for a bit for a way to detect a Wither Skull explosion. Obviously, it's gonna be an event. The only way I can figure right now is to find them when then spawn in a EntityJoinWorldEvent, then track them with a tick handler - but that sounds like a huge nuisance. Is there a better way?
  9. Use ev.entity.worldObj, assuming ev is the name of your event within your method.
  10. What is your current result? A screenshot could be helpful if you suspect that it is holding the item but it isn't rendering right.
  11. In your item, try changing: EntityHanging entityhanging = this.createHangingEntity(p_77648_3_, p_77648_4_, p_77648_5_, p_77648_6_, i1); to EntityHanging entityhanging = this.createHangingEntity(p_77648_3_, p_77648_4_, p_77648_5_ + 0.5, p_77648_6_, i1);
  12. That's fine, just wondering about your reasoning. Do-it-from-scratch is fun - I might try that sometime.
  13. Hullo, Pursuant of my previous question about messing with Desert Temples, I'm wondering if there's a simple way to iterate through every block in the chunk checking for Chests, instead of manually sorting through every coordinate. Thanks, JavaMatrix
  14. Why make your own energy system when we have the Redstone Flux API?
  15. What onUpdate are you referring to? There are tons of them. And I think EntityPlayerMP might fix this.
  16. Ok, I've trolled through so many events it hurts. Has anyone actually done something like this before? If so, how?
  17. I don't think you remembered to register your world generator
  18. See your init method? Make another one called preInit: @EventHandler public void init(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) This is where you should register items, not in init.
  19. Items should be registered in FMLPreInitializationEvent, not in FMLInitializationEvent.
  20. Looked around and didn't see a WorldGen event for Desert Temples. Am I missing it?
  21. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to change the chests in Desert Temples to Trapped Chests for my devious purposes. Thanks, JavaMatrix
  22. Should be same as normal, but you'll need to put any mod dependencies in the mod folder of your decompiled forge.
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