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  1. (i basically wanna install jei or nei or something similar) Things ive tried 1) run.mods folder (normal install) // does not work 2)build.JustEnoughItems-1.15.file 3)build.JustEnoughItems-1.15.zip 4)build.(mods name i made up).JustEnoughItems-1.15.file 5)build.(mods name i made up).JustEnoughItems-1.15.zip 6)build.jei-1.15.2- 7)build.jei-1.15.2- 8)MOD_ID.src.main.java.com.mods.jei-1.15.2- .jar.file.zip none of these options work in 1.12.2 you could install mods in the mods folder in the ru
  2. i plan to make a more advanced constructor in the future, one where when i initialize items. i can choose container item as a property. doing this now just means i shouldn't have to do it in the future. unless i have to change it.
  3. thanks ill do that, i thought i sent this earlier. that totally fixed my issues btw thanks @diesieben07 @poopoodice i understood that, i was just testing things. i ended up looking to make sure the item was a container item then if it is i make it one by returning itemstack. it was the easiest and most simplistic way to do it. the issue is fixed now. public class UTOContainerItem extends Item { //TODO: make RepairItemRecipe much more elaborate public UTOContainerItem (Properties properties) { super(properties); } @Override public boo
  4. when i return null and craft an item, i crash (of course) when i try to return ItemInit.MYITEM, or when i try to return (this) the code is not functional. so i tried returning itemStack this allows the crafting to work without crashing but the item is still used up. @Override public ItemStack getContainerItem(ItemStack itemStack) { return itemStack; } this bit of code is the only thing my tiny brain has gotten to work. (by work i mean it didn't crash) i tried returning a specific item, tried passing the itemstack in the constructor, i tried a few diff
  5. hello and thank you to anyone who reads this. im trying to make a containeritem, it seems it does not work the same in this version. just to be clear, i do not want to create a gui, i want to create an item which returns to the player inventory or stays in crafting grid after a craft is preformed. much like the old equivalent exchange philosopher stone, or the juicer from many other mods. and i would like to change damage on craft. i tried passing hasContainerItem and i could not figure out what i did wrong. (im not great at java and the last time i made a mod was 1.10.2, my mod was n
  6. that was an instance that i had already setup, i did refresh when i set it up, i just remade my instance and the run folder wasnt showing anything, its not a lack of knowledge on my part (for once). before i left for work, i redid the whole thing and i still didnt have a run folder or the minecraft libraries, then i ran minecraft.exe and the folder showed up. i did the install in the exact order that the forge forums says this time for sure. no way of doing things different because i read from top to bottm, i did not do anything different than i normally would so thats a relief. my folder w
  7. im using the latest version of forge at the moment for 1.12.2, im just re writing my mod.... ive done this many times before and never had this issue. i have no external libraries and or anything in the run folder steps i take when making an environment 1) make folder 2) add mdk to folder, then extract the mdk (currently using "forge-1.12.2-") 3) double click build.gradle deselect "create seperate module per source set" because i do not need more than one. set jdk to the proper 1.8.0_172 click ok 4) project opens in intellij an
  8. oh i get it, thank you for the help. i was just inputting the method incorrectly. this works well, thanks for the speedy help.
  9. i tried setting as an int instead of a string, it only wants a string so i converted it to a string. does this mean i have to set 2 fields for my tooltips? i could not use an int in any way inside the tooltips, when i tried setting the field from public void addInformation(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, List<String> tooltip, ITooltipFlag flagIn) { into public void addInformation(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, List<int> tooltip, ITooltipFlag flagIn) { or public void addInformation(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, List<Integer> tooltip, ITooltipFlag flagIn) {
  10. could someone help me with int conversion for my tooltips?? above constructor ive set public int BurnTime; public String burntime = String.valueOf(BurnTime); in constructor i set int BurnTime in the super i set this. BurnTime = burntime; in the add information code i set tooltip.add(this.burntime); i get no errors and yes the item has the right burn time set to it (the items burn at the rate in which they are set) but the tooltip says 0, i cant get it to write the proper int ive tried using Integer.t
  11. please excuse the odd placed classes, when i want to test something i kind of just make a class... i really do need to rewrite the mod in order for other people to easily understand what im doing, my mind is always a jumble so its easy for me.
  12. i need to rewrite my mod in order to make things make since XD i have a very different invironment than most people would like, but if you care to take a look, this is my fixed github repo https://github.com/reapersremorse/UTO-Mod
  13. i had a github setup and i have way to many files, when i tried adding the rest of my files, it put them in the wrong place, i need to learn github a bit better
  14. my inital post was loading the oregen in 2:48 my system is as follows amd Ryzen 7 2700x eight core 32gigs (7271mb allocated to minecraft) gforce gtx 1060 6gb gpu the fact that it took that long is insane this is what i changed it to and i havent looked in world yet, ill need to tweak it till its right. package com.reapersremorse.uto.prefabs.worldgen; import com.reapersremorse.uto.init.blocks.InitiateBlocks.BasicBlockRegistry; import net.minecraft.util.math.BlockPos; import net.minecraft.world.World; import net.minecraft.world.chunk.IChunkProvider; import net.minecra
  15. i do not know what values i want to add but i have it where the world loads in about 25 seconds
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